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Albowtross FULL

The Albowtross or a flying crossbowman is an air ranged unit of the Order Empire as the Eclipsors are for the Chaos Empire.

The Albowtross' appearance is a crossbowman using mechanical wings to fly, it is stronger than the Eclipsor's but also more expensive than Eclipsor's. The game says that Albowtross wings use Magikill magic to fly, but it looks like it just uses mechanical wings to fly.

History Background Edit

After Order defeated the Crawlers, they arrived in Eclipsor Territory. The Eclipsors attacked Order, but Order survived and defeated the Eclipsor statue. Then, Order thought it needed flying ranged units in order to protect themselves from the bombers, in that case, they've invented the crossbow and gave them the steampunk-based wings to help them glide.