The Albowtross is a slow, flying ranged unit which attacks with his crossbow. In the campaign they were first used in the battle against the Marrowkai after the Order troops had mimicked the flight of the Eclipsor, the flying unit of the Chaos empire. The Albowtross has a propeller at the back to actually make it fly.

Abilities Edit

The Albowtross has the ability to fly which gives them the edge over the melee units. They can only be damaged by ranged units like Archidons, other Albowtross or Eclipsors and Enslaved Giants, oddly by the Magikill's blast spell and the club damage of the Giant. They have average health and armour. Without the blazing bolt researched they do normal damage like an Archidon. With the blazing bolt their attack increases. Also with the blazing bolt ability they will do bonus damage against armoured units like Speartons and Juggerknights. Use this to counter a massive attack of armoured divisions. Allbowtross are also stronger than Eclipsors in comparison.

Weaknesses Edit

Although with the blazing bolt ability, they are still incredibly vulnerable without the proper unit formation. They are very slow which means faster units like Eclipsors and Archidons can harass them with ease or if they are fighting Chaos Deads they might become poisoned without the Meric's cure spell and you will lose them. Also they are no match against the Enslaved giant's attack, unless in numbers. Another major disadvantage is that the Albowtross cost 400 gold and 200 mana which is very expensive to create in numbers.

Trivia Edit

- The name albowtross comes from albatross a bird and bow.

- The units don't wear any helmets, even though they are displayed with helmets. This is the same with Swordwraths and Archidons.

- However, their armour can be bought in the multiplayer at the shop for 75 stick empires coins.

- Their real name is Albowtross, as seen in the game. Some people spell it as "albatross" or "allbowtross".