The Archidons are ranged units in the Order military, playing as a ground-based ranged unit. First serving the Archidon Empire, the Archidon were converted to Order faith after the revolutionary unification of all rebel empires in the fight against Chaos. Archidon were the first ranged units (units able to deal damage to enemies at a distance, non-melee) to serve the Order, which had made them play an important part in the various wars that the empire would witness. If used competently, the Archidon would be protected by a fleet of melee units to keep away foreign threats from coming too close, but still picked off the enemy
Archidon Box
troops from afar.

They are followers of the 'Way of the Bow'.


Stick War

Archidon are black stick figures, carrying a longbow and a quilt laced around its shoulder. In the quilt are six separate arrows that never need replenishing. Similar to the aesthetic of all Order units, the Archidon have the motif of the warrior class they are based on.

Stick War II: Order Empire / Stick Empires

Unlike other Order units, however, Archidon remains almost the same as their appearance in the original game, with no real notable differences. There is a slight change in the bow, however.

Kill The Spartan

in Supernova's(death by bow and arrow) death,the Archidons are visible

The Archidons are grey stickmen with bows but no longer have quivers


Fire arrows

Fire arrows is a ability available to Stick War ll: Order Empire/Stick Empires, It costs 50 gold and 100 mana to research and 5 mana to use.

Upon activation Archidons will fire a arrow with its tip lit on fire. This arrow does bonus damage has more range and causes burn

Archidon Rain

Archidon Rain is a spell in Stick War: Legacy. It costs 40 gems to purchase. Note that this spell does not necessarily need Archidons to work.

Upon activation it will rain arrows from the sky. The more Archidons in one's army, the more arrows will fall. There is a chance for one arrow to be a fire arrow. It lasts for 4 seconds

The Archidon, as appearing in Stick War.

Archidon II

The Archidon, as appearing in Stick War II: Order Empire.

Strengths (Stick Wars)

The Archidon, being the only true ranged unit in the game, is nifty as a support for other units. The reload and damage upgrades can produce 1-hit KO's to a Swordwrath with a well-aimed headshot. The Archidon is exceptionally important on the battlefield, as well as being an effective counter to Magikills (along with its Minions) and Swordwraths.

Weaknesses (Stick Wars)

The Archidon, as shown throughout the game, is only useful with cover. Their low health and damage towards towers is not useful whatsoever. While technically not 100% true to everyone, the Archidon is harder for most people to control. Also, the unit is not cheap, at being 400 gold to purchase. They will fall to Magikill without meat shields.

Strengths (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire)

The Archidon, while losing the status of the only true ranged unit, it gains a significant increase in use. The Archidon's firing style differentiates since the first game, allowing for much faster firing and almost flawless accuracy.

Weaknesses (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire)

Archidons lost their ability to instantly kill Swordwrath via headshots, and cannot be sent back into the castle as a Castle Archer like the first game. They are still susceptible to Magikill blasts.


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