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"They will fall before they get a chance to stand"

The Archidons, also known as Archers and Archidonis, are ground-ranged units in the Order Empire. First serving the Archidon Empire, the Archidons were converted to Order faith after the revolutionary unification of all rebel empires in the fight against Chaos.

Archidon were the first ranged units to serve Order, which allowed them essential usage in the Empire's battles.

A competent leader would protect their Archidons behind a fleet of melee units, who would stave off foreign threats while allowing their Archidons to pick off enemy troops from afar.

Before the unification, they were followers of the 'Way of the Bow'.


Stick War

The Archidon carries a longbow with a quiver slung around the shoulder. Within the quiver are six separate arrows that don't need replenishing. The Archidon has the motif of the warrior class they are based on, much like other units in the series.

Stick War II: Order Empire / Stick Empires

Unlike other units of the Order Empire, the Archidon has no notable difference from their appearance in Stick War and Stick War: Legacy, save for a slight improvement in the bow's design.

Kill The Spartan

in Supernova's (death by bow and arrow) death, the Archidons are visible

The Archidons are grey stickmen with bows but no longer have quivers.

Stick War 3

Archidon artwork in Stick War 3

Archidons appear the same way they do in the first Stick War game. They hold a bow and have a quiver strapped on them. According to the lore, Archidons were founded by Grandmaster Archis, succeeded by Princess Kytchu.


Stick War II: Order Empire/Stick Empires

Health 1 Bar Unarmoured (9HP)
Damage (hp) 1.12 Medium (Normal Attack)

2.24 High (Fire Arrow)

Attack Speed 0.53 a/s
DPS 0.59 (Normal Attack)

1.18 (Fire Arrow)

Speed (m/s) 2.06 Medium
Cost 300 Gold
Training Time 15 seconds



Stick War: Legacy

Damage 10 HP (quiver level 0) (body)

12 HP (quiver level 1) (body)

15 HP (quiver level 2) (body)

17 HP (quiver level 3) (body)

32 HP (quiver level 0) (Headshot)

34 HP (quiver level 1) (Headshot)

37 HP (quiver level 2) (Headshot)

39 HP (quiver level 3) (Headshot)

Health 70 HP
Attack Speed 0.5 a/s
DPS 5 (quiver level 0)

6 (quiver level 1)

7.5 (quiver level 2)

8.5 (quiver level 3)

Movement Speed 0.9 m/s
Cost 300 Gold
Training Time 7 seconds

archidons in swl


Fire arrows

Fire arrows is a ability available to Stick War ll: Order Empire/Stick Empires, It costs 50 gold and 100 mana to research and 5 mana to use. Upon activation Archidons will fire a arrow with its tip lit on fire. This arrow does bonus damage, has more range, and causes burn damage.

Fully upgraded Archidons in Stick War also shoot fire arrows, but the effect is purely cosmetic.

Archidon Rain

Archidon Rain is a spell in Stick War: Legacy. It costs 40 gems to purchase. Note that this spell does not necessarily need Archidons to work.

Upon activation it will rain arrows from the sky. The more Archidons in someone's army, the more arrows will fall. There is a chance for one arrow to be a fire arrow. It lasts for 4 seconds.


The Archidon, as appearing in Stick War.

The Archidon, as appearing in Stick War II: Order Empire.

Uses (Stick Wars)

  • The Archidons are are very good counters against swordwrath.
  • The Archidons often work well with Speartons(This combination is called Spearcher).
  • They also excel at fighting Magikill.

Countering (Stick Wars)

  • The Archidons are very fragile, a single Clubman can kill an Archidon in one blow.
  • The arrows deal less damage to Giants due to their armor, so you can use giants as meatshields.
  • Speartons have the same cost and is still better than Archidons, they can also take the Archidons out from a distance by throwing their spear.

Uses (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire)

  • Due to the new controls that let you control multiple units, they can be microbed in two ways- backward kiting and forward kiting
    • Backward kiting involves you to deal damage while you retreat.
    • Forward kiting lets you to chase the enemy and deal damage while the enemy retreats
  • Due to the new Fire Arrows ability, the Spearcher has become more powerful.
  • The Archidons strength is in his numbers

Countering (Stick Wars 2: Order Empire)


  • In the Stick Empires Game Guide, Archidon are described as "Ranged with low health, able to outrange the enemy."
  • The Archidon, as appearing in Stick War Legacy.

    During a new update in Stick War: Legacy, there is a dotted line that shows the trajectory of the arrow.