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If you're not first place, you're last place.

–Blake, Stick War: Legacy


Blake is a crown of Inamorta contestant.


Blake appears to be a rugby player with a blue uniform, orange pants, and white helmet. His jersey number is 8.

Battle skills

Blake is not that skilled in combat, and is likely to be your first opponent.


  • When entering a match, he says, "If you're not first place, you're last place!"
  • If he uses a spell, he says, "Long bomb look out!"
  • If his statue is at 50% HP, he says, "We are in the final quarter and your're a few yards from victory."
  • If the player's statue is at 50% HP, he says, "The best offence is a good defence!"
  • If the player destroys his statue, he says, "Don't tell coach I lost ok?"
    • He can also say, "My coach is gonna kill me."
  • If he destroys the player's statue, he says, "My winning attitude paid off. Shout out to Stick-Ville-High football club home of the Speartans!"


  • Blake is one of 12 A.I. challengers in the tournament, meaning they've been designed to go up directly against the Player at one point in the tournament.
  • He is in 10th place between the 12 A.I. that are supposed to fight the player.
  • His Speartons have a white helmet and a blue shield with a red '8' drawn on it.
  • He uses the Archidon's statue in the tournament.
  • Blake was previously known as "Footballer" during the early stages of the game.
  • His dialogue when entering the match is almost the same as the dialogue of Vin when you defeat him.