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Blind Gate is a miscellaneous unit available to Elementals.


It looks like two trees holding a giant white pearl, between these trees there is a small faint blue force field.


When created by the fusion of an Earth Elemental and an Air Elemental, the gate will rise from the ground, moving the maximum extension of enemy Fog of War to the barriers created by the gate either until the gate disappears or until passed through by two enemy units. This combination is free, not costing any Mana. Once the spell times out, an Earth Elemental is returned.


  • The Blind Gate does not cost any population, unlike any of the other combinations for Elementals. However, once the spell runs out and an Earth Elemental is regained, the population will once again increase, which in some circumstances can result in exceeding the population limit of 80.
  • Projectiles can still be shot through the Blind Gate.
  • 40 seconds is the duration of the Blind Gate.
  • Even if a Blind Gate was placed, the defense tower will only stop attacking if the unit it is targeting dies, it will also continue if the Fog of War clears up in their vicinity.