Bombers (bah-murrs) are small units of the Chaos Empire, detonating their own bodies for the sake of their opponent's defeat.


Bombers are short black stick figures, about the height of a Magikill Minion, that carry two slim sticks of dynamite in each hand. These sticks of dynamite have already been ignited, though will not explode at any set time.


Bombers are good for distracting enemy units, because melee units will aim for the nearest unit. Big numbers are ideal to distract or destroy multiple enemies. They can be used in a hit-and-run strategy (although they will be dead by then, and cannot run when dead) to confuse and lower their health while the other troops come in to finish them off quickly. Their weakness is heavy damage. Bombers have light health, and a melee fighter. Ranged units such as Archidons and Enslaved Giants can pick them off at range so they wont attack.

Notes Edit

  • Bombers used to have a 10 second queue time until it was buffed to 8 seconds.
  • Manually exploded bombers have the ability to target air units. This makes it a powerful unit in wing vs wing play.
  • Bombers are faster than Crawlers until the speed upgrade is researched.
  • Tip: When the Ice Hills level first begins, you have a free Swordwrath. 5 Bombers will immediately be spawned at the statue and will run at you. Garrison your units and let your statue tank the damage. You will live because 5 bombers is not enough to get you killed. After the bombers stop attacking, ungarrison all your units immediately.
  • Chaos players used to have to research manual detonation, this is now no longer the case so bombers can pluck aerial units from the sky at the start of a match.
  • Manual detonation previously cost 300 gold but it was later made free to cast.