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Giant, boss or mega giant is a Giant of gargantuan proportions in Stick War: Legacy that originated from the depths of No Man's Land.


The giant looks like a regular Giant but way bigger, he also wears a skull-like helmet that resembles the Last stand

He use a club like a normal giant.



The Giant will stomp his foot causing a big-stomp that stuns and damages all units along the way. It shares this ability with Griffon The Great and other Giants wearing skins.

The giant's Earthquake is larger, longer and fatal. It's able to one shot Archidons with one earthquake.


The giants only appears in the Last Stand level of Stick War: Legacy once the player destroys the enemy statue. A cutscene similar to the one in the original Stick War plays when the player destroys the monument. The giant, which is now smaller than it was in Stick War, breaks out of the monument and takes a swing at the player's units, just like it did in Stick War. However, before it can get off of its platform, the REAL Boss Giant, which is closer to the "giant"'s BEASTsize in Stick War, appears from behind the "GIANT" and kills it in a single blow. The final battle then begins. The Boss Giant behaves like a regular giant, but is much bigger, has a lot more health, and does much more damage. Any strategy for fighting a giant also applies to the Boss Giant. Once the GIANT Giant is fatally damaged, another cutscene begins to play. The Boss Giant stops and appears to be breathing heavily. A Spearton, who is assumed to be Atreyos, as he is the only named Spearton in the game, charges into the battlefield and said " I will end this ,for the Order Empire." The Giant then drops the dead body he carries as a weapon and grabs the Spearton, and holds the Spearton in front of his face, calling the Spearton "puny" in the process. The player must then tap the screen repeatedly. Once the screen is tapped enough, the Spearton then shouts "This! end! now!" and throws his spear into the Giant's eye. The Boss Giant then groans in pain and pulls the spear out of his head. He then proceeds to fall forward onto the ground, continuing to groan in pain, and dies. The Spearton then takes his spear back from the Giant and raises it in victory. From the death

Legends of griffon

Strategy (Countering)

  • Similarly to the Giant, the best strategy is to have your army attack it from the front, and stab it from behind using a manually controlled unit (or distract the giant with a user controlled unit so your army can attack his back). Manually controlling a unit does bonus damage, and so does attacking from behind, so stacking that damage is helpful, even with a Swordwrath.
  • A weirder way is to stack up a huge horde of Magikill so that they create a constant stream of minions to meat shield them from the giant, slowly draining the said giant’s health.
  • A very easy way to defeat this boss on any difficulty is to grab any unit (Preferably your fastest unit), go right up to him, and constantly run to the other side of him whenever he attacks. This will draw him into an endless cycle of turning around and around trying to kill you if no other melee troops are present. If you have any amount of Archidons and maybe a giant or Swordwrath, you can kill him very easily.
  • One of the quickest and easiest ways is to control a Spearton, go around to his back, and throw the spear while he's facing away from you. This deals 800 damage per spear throw (400 if he turns around to face you). An alternative is to use a giant and attack him from the back.
  • Another way is to get a bunch of Speartons and swarm the giant, while controlling one yourself (presumably being able to get to the back of him/her)


  • No other unit is equal to the Boss Giant's size, health, or damage. There is however a unit close to the Boss Giant's size and power, that being Griffon the Great and the mission 111 Giant stone dead.
  • The Boss Giant only shows up in the Last Stand level of the campaign.
  • The Boss Giant kills the "Final Boss", the final boss of the original Stick War.
  • The Demon Giant is a nickname, as it is only referred to as "the boss" in-game.
  • The boss appears to be a super big minion that Magikills summon. And enemies
  • Final boss is one of the few enemies that are black-skinned, along with the “Final Boss” (Stick War Legacy), Dead, and ston giant
  • The Boss giant has a different death animation than normal giants have a growl death