whiting39 is a Newgrounds account owned by Brock White, a creator of the Stick War series.

Unlike the account of his fellow Stick War creator, whiting39 was barely ever used, with it's most notably achievement being his feature as a programmer in the original Stick War.

History Edit

Before Stick War Edit

whiting39 was initiated on December 18, 2005 by Brock White, more than three years after the initiation of CRAZY-King-JAY.

Later down the line, White also began a project called Flashstrike, a 2D top down version of a Halo 2 shooter, and published in on January 1, 2006[1]. The original copy, as well as it's 1.5 update[2], both grew outdated and are now inaccessible. Later on May 7, 2006, a fixed version of these two games was released, called Stick Strike.[3]

Again, unlike CRAZY-King-JAY, White never released a review, movie, or any other type of media onto the website, lacking the same interest that Jason had while working with Newgrounds.

Release of Stick War Edit

Stick War, titled '-Stick War-' on Newgrounds, was uploaded on August 25, 2009 by whiting39 with help from CRAZY-King-JAY. The simple flash game was soon a success, garnering a spot on the front page on August 25, 2009 and a Daily Feature one day later.[4]

Post-Stick War Edit

Whiting39, as well as Brock White in general, completely faded away from his account, leaving Stick War and Stick Strike the only two games left fundamentally stable and running.

Known Relations Edit

White and Jason both worked on Stick War, with White acting as the programmer, and Jason as the animator.

References Edit

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