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A Magikill being burned, notice the fire symbol on the top

Burn is a status ailment and a game mechanic in Stick War II: Order Empire, Stick Empires and Stick War: Legacy. Usually inflicted through ranged attacks, a unit with Burn will slowly lose health every few seconds. In the midst of battle or with low health beforehand, that unit could certainly perish if he is not treated. Burn is very similar to another status infliction, Poison.


Burned units will slowly lose their health, similarly to poison. However, burning units cannot be cured of their burns, apart from by garrisoning. Burns will also wear off automatically outside of the castle.

A unit can be burned and poisoned at the same time. Like poison, a yellowish red flame will appear above a unit's health bar to indicate that it has been burned.

Burning has become incredibly useful since Patch 1.89, when it was introduced. This has made many units more deadly than before: for instance, the Magikill's Blast spell has become much more potent since it was since pre-1.89, as well as Bombers' explosions, Archidons' Fire Arrows and Albowtross with Blazing Bolts. This is one of the main threats posed by Elemental players as well: the Fire Elemental, Charrog and Infernos all cause Burn damage, which allow these units to wreck havoc on enemies if used correctly.

Units that can inflict Burn or Burn-causing AOE spells have thus become extremely potent ways of killing lower-health units especially on relatively longer maps: its incurability renders it as a sure-fire way of massacring units with about or less than one bar of health, or at least putting them temporarily out of action as they have to garrison and heal.

Units that can Burn

Below are the seven units in the game that can burn, listed in order of Empire.


Stick War II: Order Empire/Stick Empires




  • Fire (Basic Attack)
  • Charrog (Radiant Heat) (AoE)
  • Infernos (Basic Attack) / (all spells) (AoE)

Stick War: Legacy

  • Any user-controlled unit wearing a Lava Skin.