Empires are a major faction of the Stick war series,each empire groups up various units.

All empires can be classified into five types


The main protagnist of the stick war series,Order is a nation of peace and knowledge,but is ready to fight when nesissary,Led by Speartons in stick war 1 and Magikill in Stick War:ll Order Empire.


An Anti-Order empire hellbent on ruling Inamorta and enslaving everything in it,Led by Medusa.


An nature based empire,led by V

Rebel empires

These empires were indipendent nations,but when captured by Order,they started rebelling and wanted their land back,however, soon they joined forces with Order to fight Chaos,these empires include

Misc. Empires

Other empires that dont fall into the previous categories are listed here

  • Natives of no man's land(Giant Empire)-Society of giants indipendent from Chaos
  • Tribes-Various empires that make thier appearnace in the bonus missions,these tribes are-The United Savage Tribes Of Inamota,Glacial Uprising,Borderland Flame Feeders,Woodland Tribes and Vampric Soulstealers
  • Undead horde-Horde of undead teamed up with the Vampric Soulstealers,led by Marrowkai

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