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Stick War 1 stages

The War Begins, You Have Been Ambushed, Attack the Swordwrath, Attack the Spearton, Swordwrath Counter, Attack the Magikill, Free Pertland, Free Westwind, No man's Land, Ice Hills, Last Stand


The Player is involved in levels throughout the Order Empire's Campaign. You must always complete the previous stage to move to the next stage.

There are 12 Stages in the Stick War and 14 stages in Stick War II: Order Empire, making a combined total of 26 stages. Stick War: Legacy has 6 bonus stages.

Missions from Weekly Missions also count as stages.


Stage details can be seen on a scroll in Stick War/Stick War: Legacy and a summary box in Stick War II: Order Empire, these involve the name, the history and the objective of the Stage. upon selecting, you can see the resources and your unit battle, just like any other panel. While most stages objectives are to destroy the statue, there are some missions which involve you to survive a ambush.

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