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A unit is a class of military in the Stick War series, as well as a game mechanic. Each type is different, both in cost and effectiveness, and can be available depending on the faction it is being bought from.


Stick War / Stick War: Legacy

During the original Stick War, units were one of the first elements introduced to the Player. In the original game, only eight units appeared, the Miner, Swordwrath, Archidonis, Spearton, Magikill (and their minions), Giants, and the Native.

Since there was only the Order and many rebellious empires at the time of the game's release, all units looked identical and played identically, no matter the empire. The only unit that did not follow this rule was the Native, because it was a one-time opponent only used by the Native tribe.


  • If a unit belongs to the Player's side, they will be black stick figures (#000000), while if they belong to the enemy side, they are red (#732526).

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