Crawlers act as the Chaos equivalent of the Swordwrath/Shadowrath


Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires

Crawlers are small, cat-like creatures, perched in a stalking position while standing. Three tufts of fur stick on the animal's head, accompanied by two penetrating red eyes. Behind the Crawler's mass is a long monkey tail, waving up and down slowly.


Pack Mentality

Increasing the amount of Crawlers in your army will greatly increase the damage of all Crawlers stacking up to 5 times. This ability does massive damage and really helps to deal with massed swords. Most effective when combined with Predatory Edge.

Predatory Edge

Predatory Edge upgrade allows a massive increase in a Crawler's run speed. Using this ability, you will be able to chase down archers with ease, combined with Pack Mentality you will become a killer.



  • Crawlers are normally used as the starting unit for Chaos, as the only other Chaos unit available at the start is the Bomber, miner, and the Castle Unit
  • Crawlers have a fast attack animation, this allows you to "cancel animation" and defeat Swordwraths easily if done correctly
  • The effectiveness of using Crawlers is maximised if used in conjunction with bombers, with the Crawlers protecting the Bombers to prevent premature detonation


  • Crawlers have low health so Speartons, Archidons, Castle units, Tanky units, and AOE units can counter crawlers


  • Crawlers have been buffed in the past by reducing their build time from 12 seconds to the current 10.
  • If a Spearton kills a Crawler it will show an animation of the Crawler jumping and then the Spearton thrusts his spear through it's chest, killing it, then planting his foot on the dead Crawler.
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