Appearance Edit

Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires Edit

Crawlers are small, wolf-like creatures, perched in a stalking position while standing. Three tufts of fur stick on the animal's head, accompanied by two penetrating red eyes. Behind the Crawler's mass is a long monkey tail, waving up and down slowly.


The Crawler, as appearing in Stick War II: Order Empire.

Uses Edit

Crawlers are fast, cheap units that can be used to start with for the Chaos empire, the only other unit being the bomber. Crawlers are good with bombers as they are able to protect them from ranged projectiles, allowing bombers to hit their targets.

Abilities Edit

Pack Mentality Edit

The more crawlers you have, the more damage each one does, stacking up to five times.

Predatory Edge Edit

Increases the crawler’s speed.

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