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Crown of Inamorta, also known as the Tournament Mode, is a Gamemode in Stick War: Legacy. In the mode, the Player competes against 4 of 12 contestants for a crown in a series of four battles.

Introduced in the 1.3.24 update, Crown of Inamorta is the second mode in the game.

Crowns can be collected to unlock avatars, which buff one unit for the rest of the tournament.


Miner: Full bags of gold provide 10% more gold.

Swordwrath: Swordwrath are built 20% faster.

Archidon: Increases damage of an Archidon by 180% when controlled by a player.

Spearton: Regains the spear of a Spearton after throwing it for 10 seconds.

Magikill: Magikill have double health and summon two minions at a time.

Giant: Giants block every third hit, reduce production time of a giant by half, the cost by 25%.


  • Normal Mode - Enemy user controlled units deal slightly lower damage compared to your user control. Spells used by enemies might include Archidon Rain, Statue Turret and Meric. The normal crown is a basic crown with a blue gem.

Game Types

Various new game types are used when competing against a contestant.

  • Classic: Standard arena, each side has 4 Gold deposits. Starts with 500 gold.
  • Deathmatch: Standard arena, each side starts with 10000 gold.
  • Super Deathmatch: Standard arena, each side doesn't start with Miners and starts with 3000 Gold. Every minute, each side is given 3000 Gold. Building of units is significantly sped up.
  • Barricade : Similar to Classic mode except that a rock barrier is placed in the middle of the map.
  • Gold Rush: Each side starts with 14 Miners, and 28 Gold deposits are littered in the middle of the arena. Start with 500 gold.


There are 12 possible A.I.s that you can go against in the tournament: