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I play even better than I look and I look darn good.

–Cruise, Stick War: Legacy


Cruise is a Crown of Inamorta contestant.


Cruise appears to be a very famous and rich guy, having black suit, black pants, red tie, red sunglasses and blond hair.

Battle skills

Cruise is a moderate level contestant and is likely to be your second or third opponent.

He is fairly unaggressive, preferring to sit back and build up several Swordwraths and other units while manually controlling his Miners. He tends towards more expensive units like Speartons and Magikill.

Cruise is known to often use Merics to supplement his units, even on Normal difficulty. He is known as one of the most annoying powerup users.


  • When entering a match, he says, "I play even better than I look, and I look darn good!"
  • If he uses a spell, he says, "I'm so Epic."
  • If his statue is at 50% HP, he says, "Well there's a first for everything. Me losing at anything."
  • If the player's statue is at 50% HP, he says, "Well you can tell your friends you got to play with me, that's something."
  • If the player destroys his statue, he says, "Well you won the game but I'm rich and famous."
  • If he destroys the player's statue, he says, "Well at least you can tell your friends you got to play with me."
    • He may also say "Thanks im gonna tweet this #winning"


  • Cruise is one of 12 A.I. challengers in the tournament, meaning they've been designed to go up directly against the Player at one point in the tournament.
  • The Speartons of Cruise have their custom skin, they have a shield showing Cruise and the spears are changed to some selfie sticks still showing Cruise
  • He uses the Swordwrath's statue in the tournament.
  • Although he is said to be rich and famous, it is unknown for what reason why.