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The Dark Mountains is a territory in Stick War and Stick War: Legacy. During the later events of the game, the land is inhabited by the Order Empire and the rebel coalition in their final conflict.

It also served as the home of the Borderland Flame Feeders in Stick War: Legacy.

The Desert is often used as one of the last levels in the game.

Appearance as a map

The dark mountains is a dark, brutal map with multiple volcanoes in the background. The moon also blocks the rays of the Sun, creating a Solar Eclipse.

Unlike the other maps, the Dark Mountains features no trees or cacti, leaving only a barren path.

In Stick War 1, all the volcanoes are inactive, and do not erupt throughout the course of the level, but in Stick War: Legacy, some volcanoes smoke in the background. When the the Boss Giant is summoned at the end of the level, most of the volcanoes begin erupting.


Stick War

Last Stand

The Desert was an uninhabited territory due to its volcanoes and overall dangerous conditions, until a rebel coalition decided to settle there. When the Order Empire finally reached the Dark Mountains, they wiped out the rebels, and the Desert territory was once again left uninhabited and desolate. The level plays like you are facing a normal player, except without the Spearton. At the end, when you destroy the statue, an extra-large giant hops off and attacks. You finish the level when you kill that giant.

Stick War: Legacy

Last Stand

The Desert was the last stop of the Order Empire's conquest of Inamorta, and in the same fashion as before, Order swept the rebel coalition away, and left the Desert desolate again.

Borderland Flame Feeders

A tribe known as the Borderland Flame Feeders forged weapons inside of volcanoes (these weapons came to be known as the lava skin). Order returned to the desert to fight the Borderland Flame Feeders and succeeded by destroying their statue.


Map of the Dark Mountains in Stick War 1

  • Most of the Dark Mountains are in the desert, although some parts of it are outside the desert.