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Ugrrhgh braaaaiins!

–Dead, Stick Empires

Deads, also known as the undead, are slow, zombie-like soldiers in the Chaos military. While timid and usually quite expensive for their ability, Deads often make for good adversaries during longer encounters due to their poison-inducing weapons. They are the equivalent to the Archidon, though do less damage and have more health and range.


Deads are hunchbacked, zombified stick figures with chunks of flesh ripped off their stomachs, exposing their guts (which are used as their projectiles). Their heads are also significantly decayed to the point that their brains are showing.


Deads act as the chaos ground ranged units that throw their own guts as projectiles (These guts do bonus damage to armor and have more range) but deal slightly lesser damage than an Archidon arrow. Deads are very slow, so they cannot kite.


Poison Guts

The only ability of a Dead is "Poison Guts". Poison Guts is one of the main selling point of Deads. This passive ability can be researched for 300 gold and takes 40 seconds to research. If Poison Guts is toggled on, any enemies hit by the Dead will be poisoned at the cost of 10 Mana. 


  • Deads are considered armored, despite having no armor and rotting, which should logically lessen their durability. The presence of armor could be because undead creatures can take more damage before dying, as they do not bleed.
  • When a dead dies, his body liquifies and spills out, then the remaining solid bones fall to the ground.
  • One of the few units with Artwork.

Stick War: Legacy

In 1.9.30 update for Stick War: Legacy, the Deads would take on a much different identity than that of its Stick War II: Order Empire counterpart. Now they belonged to a massive undead army , played as melee units rather than ranged, and no longer did poison damage with each attack. They had lost all of their armor and and health and could be one-shotted by a single headshot from a Archidon.


The dead looks exactly like the Stick War II: Order Empire Dead but is more thinner and taller, the body is more decayed and the guts are more exposed


  • Deads could pounce on your units causing stun.
    • This was removed for balancing reasons.
  • Deads can be strong in very large numbers.
    • However, crowd control abilities like blast and earthquake can just annihilate Deads
  • In Stick War: Legacy, Swordwraths, Miners, and Magikills wearing the Undead Skin will turn into Deads.