Ugrrhgh braaaaiins!

–Dead, Stick Empires

Deads, also known as the undead, are slow, zombie-like soldiers in the Chaos military. While timid and usually quite expensive for their ability, Deads often make for good adversaries during longer encounters due to their poison-inducing weapons. They are the equivalent to the Archidon, though do less damage and have more health and range.

Later on in the series after the 1.9.30 update for Stick War: Legacy, the Deads would take on a much different identity than that of its Stick War II: Order Empire counterpart. Now they belonged to no faction, played as melee units rather than ranged, and no longer did poison damage with each attack.

As with all Chaos units, Deads follow no certain 'way' of life.

Chaos ranged unit, throws its own poisonous guts. It starts off throwing normal projectiles, which do as much damage as one Archidon Arrow, but there is an upgrade that, when activated, the projectiles will poison the attacked unit. This unit is very slow. It has the same amount of health as an Order Swordwrath. It is used by Chaos to poison units, and is created by neocromacy. They are the zombie archers of Chaos. Hotkey, 3.

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