The Desert, also known as the Dark Mountains, is a territory in Stick War. During the later events of the game, the land is inhabited by the Order Empire and the rebel coalition in their final conflict.


Stick War

Last Stand

The Desert was an uninhabited territory due to its volcanoes and overall dangerous conditions until a rebel coalition had decided to settle there. When the Order finally reached the rebels, they were wiped out, and the Desert territory was once again left uninhabited and desolate. It was like facing a normal player, except without the Spearton. At the end, when you destroy the statue, an extra-large giant hops off and attacks. You finish the level when you destroy that giant.

Stick War: Legacy

The Desert was the Order's last stop of their conquest, and in the same fashion as before, the Order swept the rebel coalition away, and left the Desert desolate again.


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