Drifts is a character in Kill the Spartan.

History Edit

Kill the Spartan Edit

Death by Multiple Weapon Masacre - (Drifts) Edit

In this animation, Drifts begins by attacking with his katana, launching it into the Spearton's shield and pulling in to the ground below him. Then melee fighting ensues between the two warriors, in which Drifts uses his gauntlet to send a ripple of lightning towards the Spearton. The Spearton begins to run towards Drifts, who pulls out a Machine Gun and fires a volley of bullets into the target. Now vulnerable, Drifts takes the chance to throw an explosive shuriken at the Spearton, who runs through the explosive to try and attack. Then the two exchange combat over Drift's nunchucks, before they finally sever the Spearton's right arm, killing him instantly.

Battlefield Abilities Edit

Drifts has an extremely large arsenal of weapons, making his use on the battlefield quite extreme. While not the strongest of the bunch, his swiftness and use of his gadgets and surroundings makes him more than a match for the Spearton. This swiftness also made him skilled with a katana.

Drifts wore down at the ill-equipped Spearton, eventually tearing away at his ability to fight. Most notably, the Machine Gun had wounded the Spearton, making the nunchucks all that was needed to finish the warrior off.

Appearance Edit

Drifts is a pink stick figure, armed with a katana, gauntlet, explosive shuriken, machine gun, and nunchucks.