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We will, we will, punch you!

– Earth Elemental, Stick Empires

Earth is an inexpensive basic melee unit with slow attack speed and low damage,every time it attacks,it causes stun.



This ability lets the earth elemental to turn into a Chompler(Elemental Miner),It takes four seconds to transform and the change is irreversible

Note:Only way to make miners, VERY IMPORTANT



  • In the Stick Empires Game Guide, Earth Elementals are described as "A cheap basic ground unit with a stun attack. It can also transform into a miner."
  • Transforming an Earth into a Chompler removes DoT effects, allowing an Earth about to die to struggle on if you can prevent the opponent chasing it.
  • The Earth Elemental has the second slowest attack speed (the first being Chaos Giants)
  • There is a reference to the Earth in the Chest Room.
  • Earth Elementals have the fastest training time in the whole game
    • This is to balance the time it takes to train a Chompler
  • Their flavor text is a reference to Freddie mercury song We will rock you.


It's all about texture

–Chompler,Stick Empires

The Chompler is the miner of the Elemental Empire. But they behave very differently than regular Order Miners and Chaos Miners. The only way to create a miner is morphing Earth Elementals. They use their jaws and claws to eat gold, which slowly accumulates on a storage area on their backs. When praying for Mana, a yellow-white, glowing sphere appears, similar to the aura emitted by Order and Chaos Miners.


Miner Hustle

Miner hustle is a upgrade that increases the health of the Chompler. Miner Hustle also increases a Miner's speed. It is a very beneficial upgrade that boosts the gold income rate, especially as Miners start mining the second gold row

Unlike other miners, Chomplers become armored after Miner Hustle is activated.