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Wind blows as the Magikill checks the map.

Endless Deads is a Gamemode in Stick War: Legacy. It functions as a wave-based bloodfest, where the Player and a small caravan of Order travelers hold off against endless hordes of mindless Deads.

Introduced in the 1.9.30 update, Endless Deads coincided the release of Skins. It is the third mode in the game.


During the Order's hike across a stretch of forest area, rain began to pour down onto their supplies. Atreyos, the caravan's presumed leader, a Magikill, a Swordwrath, and an Archidon tell the rest of the workers to set up camp here. Miners and other members of the caravan go off to gather resources, and it seems all is well.

The other caravan's members setting up camp.

The Magikill sits down to warm himself by the fire, but it then ambushed by a Dead. In his old age, he struggles to break free from the dead's grip, but manages to give the Archidon enough time to launch an arrow through the undead's head. When the Swordwrath comes to Magikill's aid, trying to help him back up, two more dead rise from the ground and attack the pair. The Magikill is bitten in the arm and leg, but the Swordwrath manages to fight the deads off with only a small wound to the shoulder.

Atreyos as he scream over the death of the Magikill.

Atreyos and the Archidon are having no troubles killing the incoming Deads, but Atreyos turns to see their Magikill lying dead on the ground, and scream of despair. Now it leaves Atreyos and his brothers to fight the incoming hordes.


Unlike the other two game modes in Stick War: Legacy, Endless Deads operates as one cohesive battle separated by upgrade periods in-between.

It all begins in a snowy land, at the left, you can see your statue, as well as the grave of the Magikill with a staff symbolizing as a palette, there are also only two gold mines which means only 4 miners are required. At the farthest right is where the enemy would come, multiple graves can be seen and a barrage of arrows to stop units from exceeding the fine territory of graves.

At the very beginning, you are given 1 Miner, 1 Archidon, 1 Swordwrath with a silver sword, and Atreyos who is a Spearton.

Every wave is one night, in which your army has to survive a barrage of Deads without stopping. There will be very little time before the wave of zombies hit, so the Player's goal is to not only defend your Statue against the hordes, but also Miners who will be forced to operate while the remainder of the Order forces are in combat.

Once the night ends, the Player will be greeted with the usual Upgrades menu. Each night, two more Upgrade Points become available. Eventually, these points will begin to stack, as there are only a finite amount of upgrades for each unit, even in the infinite-waves format. A new addition to these upgrades, the Barricade, can be bought each night. This upgrade is exclusive to the Endless Dead's gamemode, and when purchased provides a wall in the middle of the map and 500 extra Gold at the beginning of the night.

When the Player inevitably has their statue destroyed, the gamemode will end with an image of Atreyos hanging at the top of the Order's statue, surrounded and overrun by dead hordes. It will tally all undead kills that game. The end-goal is to set a new highscore in the mode

Deads Types

During the 2020.2.5 update, every dead could splatter a separate variant of dead, these dead variations differ depending on the dead hit

Difficulty Level

Originally, Endless Deads had only one difficulty level, but now, there are three difficulty levels, just like Campaign Mode and Tournament Mode:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane


  • Take full advantage of the time allotted and get as much gold possible, this can be put on hold if enemy power is too strong.
  • Raise Gold is very useful since you can get more gold from miners without having to go to the zombie horde.
  • Use skins for your units.
  • Some enemies are immune to freezing, so do not solely depend on Ice Skin Archidons.
  • Vamp gear grants life steal and user damage splash. They also provide immunity to poison, so use vamp skins for front-line fighters like the Spearton and giants.
  • Savage gear grants units the ability to deal more damage to Deads passively, and, when controlled by the user, they would have faster attack speed and movement speed. Use this for your ranged units.
  • Leaf gear, gives cheaper unit costs, faster unit preparation time, and when user controlled, faster movement speed, equal to that of a Savage Gear. Use it in earlier waves to get the economy going.
  • Lava gear, gives reflect damage and when user controlled, gives burn damage effects to its attacks, with its reflect damage being most useful for Giants and Speartons. Using a lava Giant's earthquake ability can clear away a lot of basic Deads.
  • Frost gear, when units attack they grants a slowness effect/frost effect to its enemies for 1.5 seconds, and when user controlled, the ability is further enhanced making all the unit's attacks make the enemy be frozen solid for 1.5 seconds, granting advantage to dodging easily and also backstab kills. Use this for your ranged units to help your meatshields survive longer.
  • Have Speartons as your first line of defense since they can block most of the damage from the Deads.
  • Save Merics to cure toxic dead projectiles and some other summonable units.


The new start screen

  • A new endless Deads start screen was added.
    • If you double tap on the screen, it will cause a bolt of lightning ro flash.
  • If Atreyos lives for 10 nights, you get an achievement atreyos living.
  • If you kill 1,000 Deads, you get an achievement.
  • If you lose, a loss screen will appear showing Atreyos climbing on the Statue while the Deads are trying to reach him.
    • If you analyze the Loss Screen carefully, you can notice Medusa in the bottom-left of the drawing watching Atreyos being near to his perish.
    • During the 2020.2.5 update, the Deads could move their hands.