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The Enslaved Miners are the Economy units of Chaos, Supplying Chaos with Gold and Mana. As their name says, they might be captured from the Order Empire.


The Enslaved Miner in the Armory, using the Stick War II: Order Empire bag

Stick War II: Order Empire

The miners wield pickaxes similar to the Miner, however, their bags are decorated with skulls and bones.

Stick Empires

They look exactly like Order miners with the default skin (the Stick War II: Order Empire skin must be bought in the armory).

Stick War III

In Stick War III, Enslaved Miners cost the same amount as the regular Order Miner, except they appear to have a wooden bag and gain certain bonuses from Chaos upgrades.


Miner Hustle

Miner Hustle is a technology that doubles your Miners' health and boosts their speed. It is researched for the cost of 300 Gold and 100 Mana.

It is a beneficial upgrade that boosts the Gold income rate, especially as Miners start mining the second gold row.

This upgrade is available to all economic units of all empires.

Miner Tower

Miner Tower is a technology that allows your Miners' to build towers that fire upon approaching enemies. It is researched for the cost of 100 Gold, although using the ability uses 300 Gold.

This tower does not use up any population and can be destroyed both manually and by enemy attacks.