Gems are the resource in Stick War: Legacy. An extra add-on passively accumulated after each battle, Gems allow the Player to purchase perks from the Shop, and after the Endless Deads update, also can be used to purchase Skins.


Stick War: Legacy

Gems can be obtained from one of the following actions;

  • Win a match and gain 15 gems by default.
    • Watching an additional video advertisement will double this amount.
  • Complete all main levels in a campaign for the first time and gain 500 gems.
  • Survive through one Endless Deads night and gain 10 gems.
  • Purchasing from the Gems tab on the menu. The amount of gems can vary wildly, but can only be purchased with real-life currency (by default it is set in American dollars, but also any currency reflected in your selected language).


  • They are the only currency in Stick War: Legacy.
  • Alongside the Empire Coin, the Gem is one of two resources in the game that can be purchased with real money.
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