Gems are the resource in Stick War: Legacy. An extra add-on passively accumulated after each battle, Gems allow the Player to purchase perks from the Shop, and after the Endless Deads update, also can be used to purchase Skins.

Obtaining Edit

Stick War: Legacy Edit

Gems can be obtained from one of the following actions;

  • Win a match and gain 20 gems by default.
    • Watching an additional video advertisement will double this amount.
  • Survive through one Endless Deads night and gain 10 gems.
  • Purchasing from the Gems tab on the menu. The amount of gems can vary wildly, but can only be purchased with real-life currency (by default it is set in American dollars, but also any currency reflected in your selected language).

Notes Edit

  • They are the only currency in Stick War: Legacy.
  • Alongside the Empire Coin, the Gem is one of two resources in the game that can be purchased with real money.
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