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–Giant, Stick War

Giants are large creatures belonging to the Order, after being captured by in No Man's Land and told to work under the Order's command.


Giants look like a giant drawn by hand resembling a stick figure-like appearance. They carry a big club and a large stick figure.

Attack style

Giants swing either their club or a dead guy (probably a dead weaker giant). They're more about destroying the statue rather than enemy units because they're so slow to attack. Plus they don't respond to defend/garrison commands, their attacks can peirce armor .


Growth: This allows the giants you create to become larger in size and have more health. This upgrade has three stages, each increasing the Giant's health by 20% (compounding).



Earthquake is an ability provided to Giants in Stick War: Legacy,Although it must be noted this only works when a giant is waring a Skin Upon Activation, The giant will Stomp his feet into the ground,creating a massive gorge that damages and stuns all units along the way.this gorge can pass through multiple units and is best used against crowds


  • The Giant is the Order counterpart of the barbarian giants in No Man's Land. These giants roam freely with the Empire and use clubs and dead units as weapons, causing stun.
  • Enemy giants in Stick War: Legacy hold a black club and corpse instead of the usual red.
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