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Gold is the main resource in the Stick War series that lets you to train units and research technologies.

However, Gold is absent from Kill the Spartan. By most standards, the game isn't canon, so Gold still appears in all Stick War canon.

Gold deposits

Stick War

In the Original Stick War, there are 4 lines of gold patches, the one being closest to the statue is referred to as the first row, the row after that is called second row and so on. The last 2 rows are in the center and both sides have to fight for the patches of gold.

Stick War II: Order Empire / Stick Empires

Each side has two rows of gold, the one being closer to the statue being referred to as the first row, with the second row being referred to as the second row of gold. 

Stick War: Legacy

There are 4 gold patches on each side, and there are only 2 on your side in Endless Deads. The gold mine spell can be used to add 1 gold deposit for 1 round.


Stick War/ Stick War: Legacy

Gold can be obtained from one of the following actions;

  1. Mining gold, a miner will swing his pickax on a gold deposit and once his bag is full, (this can be seen on a bar above him, although you must user control him to see the bar) he will move behind the statue and deposit his workload.
  2. Passive income from the statue (the crown can be upgraded to increase the income of gold).

Stick War II: Order Empire / Stick Empires

Gold can be obtained from one of the following actions;

  1. The first is through mining the gold piles itself, which is the most efficient way
  2. Collecting gold from the tower, which gives 20 gold every 5 seconds
  3. Researching Passive Income, where you will get a slow, fairly low amount of gold & mana every few seconds.


Gold is used to train every unit throughout the series. It also helps in researching almost every technology. Miner Walls and Miner Towers.

The charts indicate uses of gold.

Stick War

Gold's primary use is to build units.

Unit Gold Cost
Miner 200
Swordwrath 150
Archidon 400
Spearton 400
Magikill 1200
Order Giant 1400

Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires

Now due to new units, and the need of researching abilities, gold has many more uses than it had before.

Asterisks in the below charts indicate that the specific unit or upgrade requires mana in addition to gold.


Unit Gold Cost
Miner 150
Swordwrath 150/125
Archidon 350/300
Meric* 300
Magikill* 500
Spearton* 450
Shadowrath* 450
Albowtross* 450
Enslaved Giant 1500
Ability/Upgrade Gold cost (Research)
Miner Hustle* 300
Passive income*(All levels) 150
Tower Spawn* 600,2000
Resilience* 50
Miner Wall 100
Cure* 100
Giant Growth I and II* 200,400
Poison Spray* 50
Electric Wall* 100
Castle Archer I,II and III 300, 400, 500/300, 600, 900
Fire Arrows* 50
Blazing Bolts 400
Rage* 50
Shield Wall* 50
Shield Bash* 50
Shinobi I and II 100,150
Ability Use Gold Cost
Miner Wall 200


Unit Gold Cost
Enslaved Miner 150
Crawler 100
Dead* 300
Marrowkai* 400
Medusa* 500
Juggerknight* 450
Bomber 75
Eclipsor* 400
Giant 1500
Ability Research Cost
Miner Hustle* 300
Miner Tower 100
Passive Income*(All levels) 150
Pack Mentality* 100
Predatory Edge* 100
Charge* 50
Poison Guts 300
Castle Dead I,II,III 300, 400, 500/ 300, 600, 1000
Hells Fists* 100
Venom Flux 200
Resilience* 50
Giant Growth I and II* 200,400
Tower Spawn I and II 600, 2000

Elemental Empire

Unit Gold Cost
Earth Elemental 150
Water Elemental     350
Air Elemental   400
Fire Elemental 450
Charrog 600
Cycloid 750
Infernos 850
Treature 500
Blind Gate 600
Scorch 800
V 1350


  • Gold and Mana are the only two resources in the Stick War series gathered within a match (and not saved for later stages, like Gems or Empire Coins).
  • Manual Detonation used to cost 300 gold.
    • It was made free to cast in a recent update.