The legendary Golden Spearton has been summoned from the ranks of the Order Army. Is there no one else!

–Shopkeeper, Stick War: Legacy

The Golden Spearton is a a buffed version of the iconic Spearton in Stick War: Legacy.  Later, he could be bought by the Player at the Shop as a spell to serve their purposes in battle.

The Golden Spearton has more health, an higher block chance, attacks faster and does more damage than a regular spearton.

When deployed, he says one of the quotes:

“For Inamorta” - “Stay behind me” - “Gold is great” - “I’ll take care of this”


The old Golden Spearton wears a golden helmet, similiar to the old Spearton‘s Lv2 helmet. He also weilds a golden Lv3/Max Spearton Spear and a golden Shield with a unique design.

The current Golden Spearton wears a golden Lv2 Spearton Helmet and wields a brighter Max Spearton Spear & golden Spearton Knife. In the meanwhile the golden shield has an unique design and similiar to its old counterpart.


  • This is the only spell that has different sounds when used.
  • This is one of the three spells that has someone talking when used, others being Spearton Madness and Archidon Rain.
  • The spell is part of the Starter Pack.
  • The old Golden Spearton design is available in the armory for the Spearton in Stick Empires.
  • The spear throw could do insane amounts of damage (1200), it could also 1 hit a Statue if a spear throw is performed from behind.
  • In the Crown of Inamorta finalists (Cyrus, Crazy Jay, Z4CK and Wesley) can summon an enemy Golden Spearton , when in insane mode
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