Inamorta is a continent that appears throughout the Stick War series. In each of it's appearances, Inamorta is featured as the only known landmass housing stick figures in the respective universe.

Throughout it's lifetime, the continent has taken many different shapes, each different than the last to suit the geographical needs of that certain game.


Stick War

Inamorta is introduced during the narration at the beginning of the game, where it is told to be a continent controlled by chaos and rebellion, one in which you were set out to fix as the Order's new leader. The Order's main objective is to keep peace and freedom. If you free Inamorta, congrats!

Important locations include -Archidon ,Swordwrath,Spearton,Magikill,Pertland,

Westwind,No Mans Land,Ice hills and Dark Mountains

Stick War II: Order Empire

Inamorta has been expanded past the clouds of the original game, revealing massive plots of land that were never visible before.


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