INSANE MODE is only for experts who know how to play very well. If you are a beginner, please go to the easy strategy. The following strategies below is only for insane. But you still can use it for hard and normal mode. Wish there was an Easy mode.


Melee VS Ranged

Madness! The bowmens takes a bow that shoots out fire and easily ticks your army out. Try buying a few miners and buy one clubman. Control that clubman you trained. Remember this, when you control someone, the stickman attack and defence rise. Another reminder: If a clubman is defending, it cannot attack. Do the zig-zag technique so some of their bowman attacks misses that clubman. Try dotching and defending their attacks while your miners get some money from the gold. If the clubman dies, big trouble. You may have to restart the level. If it survives, quickly train lots of clubman and start attacking. You still control the clubman and followthe others. Do the zig-zag technique to dotch those attacks. Ta-Dah! Mission completed.