It seemed to be perfect because Brock had been wanting to make a game very similar but was just as pathetic at art as I was at programming, and we both had a passion for RTS games! It was a perfect match.

–- Jason Whitham, referring to the interest he shared with Brock in the RTS genre

Jason Whitham (born December 12, 1979) is a canadian game creator and animator, known for founding the website StickPage and being a major contributor to the Stick War series of games. Prior to the debut of StickPage, he had also experimented with animation on multiple platforms, the most notable of which being Newgrounds.

Jason had shown interest in multiple games that had ended up shaping the Stick War franchise years later. In an interview on StickPage, Whitham had listed his favorite game as Ultima Online, as well as loving Age of Empires 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Age of Empires had seemed to have given inspiration for the creation of an RTS game similar in style to Stick War.


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