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So I take it you've played Kill Crazy Jay.

–Crazy Jay, Stick War: Legacy

CrazyJay is a recurring character in the Stick War series. Deputing in Kill the Spartan, CrazyJay is armed with his light spear and duels against a Spearton. Later, however, he returns as a Tournament Fighter in Stick War: Legacy.

CrazyJay also doubles as Jason Whitham's online persona, though many know him only as CrazyJay.


Kill the Spartan

CrazyJay is a black stick figure armed with a light spear if in combat.

Stick War: Legacy

CrazyJay is shown on a "fighting temple" having blue eyes, a chonmage, a katana on his right hand and a dagger on his left hand, if you look closely he also wears a black ninja suit.


Kill the Spartan

Death by CrazyJay - (CrazyJay)

In this animation, the fight begins as CrazyJay readies into a fighting position, greeting the Spearton. Jay then reveals his light spear. After a brief exchange of spear-slinging between the two warriors, CrazyJay beheads the Spearton with a swing of his weapon, the skull of the fallen victim landing on a tree.

Stick War: Legacy

CrazyJay is one of the 12 contestants and acts as one of the 4 finalists in the Crown of Inamorta, he often tends to Swordwrath mass and occasionally use Speartons and Archidons.

Spells he use are: Archidon Rain, Statue Turret and Meric.

Battlefield Abilities

Kill the Spartan

As a fighter, CrazyJay is extremely skilled in combat, killing the Spearton in record time for Kill the Spartan. His light spear, even just used as a brunt force object, is powerful as well. CrazyJay is able to evade and block attacks with his weapon, choosing to wait for the perfect moment to strike down his adversary.


  • When entering a match, he says: Good luck let the best stick figure win!
  • If he uses a spell, he says: I love this spell!
  • If he uses a spell, he can also say: Shiny Gold.
  • If his statue is at 50% HP, he says: You have some dangerous skills.
  • If the player's statue is at 50% HP, he says: That was a close one.
  • If the player destroys his statue, he says: So I take it as you've played Kill Crazy Jay.
  • If he destroys the player's statue, he says: Good game my friend, play with you again later.


  • CrazyJay is the founder of the website StickPage.
  • CrazyJay is one of 12 A.I. challengers in the tournament, meaning they've been designed to go up directly against the Player at one point in the tournament.
  • He is at the 4th place between the 12 A.I. that are supposed to fight the player
  • His speartrons shields have the StickPage's logo.
  • He uses the Magikill's statue in the tournament.
  • His message when he is defeated references to the flash game "Kill Crazy Jay", the game that inspired Kill the spartan.