CrazyJay is a recurring character in the Stick War series. Deputing in Kill the Spartan, CrazyJay is armed with his light spear and duels against a Spearton. Later, however, he returns as a Tournament Fighter in Stick War: Legacy.

CrazyJay also doubles as Jason Whitham's online persona, though many know him only as CrazyJay.


Kill the Spartan

Death by CrazyJay - (CrazyJay)

In this animation, the fight begins as CrazyJay readies into a fighting position, greeting the Spearton. Jay then reveals his light spear. After a brief exchange of spear-slinging between the two warriors, CrazyJay beheads the Spearton with a swing of his weapon, the skull of the fallen victim landing on a tree.

Stick War: Legacy


Battlefield Abilities

Kill the Spartan

As a fighter, CrazyJay is extremely skilled in combat, killing the Spearton in record time for Kill the Spartan. His light spear, even just used as a brunt force object, is powerful as well. CrazyJay is able to evade and block attacks with his weapon, choosing to wait for the perfect moment to strike down his adversary.


CrazyJay is a black stick figure with blue eyes, armed with a light spear if in combat.


  • CrazyJay is the founder of the website StickPage.
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