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A Juggerknight


The Juggerknights are the evil heavy infantry of Chaos. They betrayed the Great Knights. They have axes, big shields and elaborate helmets. They are exactly the same as Great Knights. They are sided with Medusa in the Chaos Expansion Wars and the Order-Chaos War. Juggerknights technically are the match for Speartons on the Chaos side.


Juggerknights have dark-gray armor along with shield, helmet, and axe. As their name suggests, they are juggernauts... and they are knights... at the same time... Evil ones.

Abilties Edit

charge Edit

charge is the sole ability of the Juggerknight, it requires 50 gold and 100 mana to research, and 15 mana to use, it has a Cooldown of 17 seconds

upon activation the Juggerknights run straight forward at high velocity roaring “chaaaaaaaarge” while placing his shield in the front, any units that come in the charging Juggerknights way will receive knockback and stun


Juggerknights are a unit that cannot be messed with. With its armor and attack damage, it is a powerful unit, like the Spearton. Juggerknights may deal lots of damage, they do have a downside. When attacking the Juggerknight will use lots of force to attack, making the axe stick to the ground. This causes a cooldown delay, and is vulnerable if open. Therefore, its best used as a defense to your statue.

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