Summon the Kai-Rider, the necromantic leader mounted on a Giant Dead

–Shopkeeper, Stick War: Legacy

The Kai Rider is a mini-boss in Stick War: Legacy. It is encountered in the campaign on the sixth bonus mission, Deal with the Dead.

It also appears as a spell in the Chaos category. It can be bought for 750 gems.


The Kai Rider is, as implied, a Deadkai riding a Giant.

The Giant's teeth are exposed and its eye is covered by stone, held by its own head. It wields an uprooted tree as its primary weapon. The Giant equips what appears to be a larger version of the Archidon's quiver, upgraded to the 2nd level.

The Deadkai stands atop the quiver, holding a leash attached to the Giant's teeth. The quiver also holds its scythe.


Summon Deads

The Kai Rider can summon 2-6 Deads. It shares this ability with the Deadkai.


As a Boss

The Kai Rider usually appears together with the reinforcements. It deals 240 damage to regular Giants.

As a Spell

The Kai Rider is weaker, dealing 75 damage when controlled by the AI.



  • The Deads can work as powerful meatshields. They can shield the Kai Rider while it generates even more Deads. Together with Order units, they can charge at the enemy. Take note that if you have multiple Kai Riders summoning deads, the deads force the Order Units backwards.


  • The Kai Rider can be easily defeated with: three rows of, or 12 Speartons; and four rows of, or 16 Archidons.
  • A minimum of three Speartons and one Spearton Madness spell can deal great damage to the Kai Rider. Each of the thrown spears will inflict much upon the mini-boss, which is further amplified by user control and headshots. This counter is less effective if the Kai Rider summons Deads, as the spears may hit them instead.
    • Alternatively, one can control a Spearton and move behind the enemy. They can then throw the spear into its back, dealing 800 damage. This is effective so long as the Kai Rider remains distracted, instead of targeting the lone Spearton behind enemy lines, making it prone to ambush.
  • Due to its slow speed, it might be viable to simply move past it and destroy the statue. An army of Magikill and Archidons are recommended.
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