The Kai Rider is a Stick War: Legacy Boss-like unit who is encountered in the sixth bonus mission Deal with the Dead (Vamp mission).

This Boss appears when the reinforcement occurs.


The Boss appears to be a Deadkai riding a Kai Giant.

The giant has its teeth exposed and its eye covered from an attached rock, while wielding a tree as a primary weapon for crushing.

The Deadkai stands on what appears to be a larger version of the Archidon’s Lv2 quiver that holds his scythe.


  • The Kai Rider can easily be defeated when you have at least three rows of speartons (x12) and four rows of archidons (x16)
  • A fast way to kill this boss is by having a minimum of three speartons (1500 Gold, 1350 Gold if Leaf skin is used) and one Spearton Madness spell (50 gems), since a thrown spear causes 400-460 damage to its hit target. Alternatively, one can control a spearton and throw a spear into its back while the others distract it for 800 damage. 
  • You can destroy the statue even if the boss is alive, make sure to have at least 6 Magikills and Archidons
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