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Magikill (mAH-jEYE-kiL), known as Mages in the Armory, are spellcasters of the Order that appeared during

the later events of Stick War, before later reappearing in the series for it's following media. Near the end of the war, the Magikill tended to replace the Swordwrath with their summoning ability, creating minions that were near as powerful as their rivals without any Gold or Population costs.

Due to their appearance later in the game, the units never received much attention. Only three stages later Giants were introduced, defeating the novelty of having an expensive unit. However, due to their drastically different play-styles, experienced Players still found use in their summoning and spellcasting abilities.

While their most notable inclusion was in that of the Order Empire, the Magikill was originally devised by the Magikill Empire. After multiple failed attempts at redemption, the Magikill Empire fell and left the Order with their unit.

They are followers and believers of "Magikill", the Way of the Mage.


Stick War

Wizard summoning spell Upgrade


+1 to the number of units summoned by wizard LV. 1
+1 to the number of units summoned by wizard LV. 2
+1 to the number of units summoned by wizard

LV. 3

Wizard stun spell Upgrade LV.
+15% stun time LV. 1
+15% stun time LV. 2
+15% stun time LV. 3

Stick War: Legacy

Magikill Hat


+1 max Minions LV. 1
+1 max Minions LV. 2
+1 max Minions

LV. 3

Magikill Staff LV.
+15% Magikill stun damage, +5% footspeed LV. 1
+15% Magikill stun damage, +5% footspeed LV. 2
+15% Magikill stun damage, +5% footspeed LV. 3



Stick War

Magikill are black stick figures, usually hunched over and relying on their staff to walk. They wear black witch hats, characterized by a conical crown and a wide brim.

Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires

Magikill remain almost identical to their previous state, with the exception of a new gray beard.


Stick War II: Order Empire/Stick Empires

Health 3 Bars Unarmored (27HP)
Damage Very Low (Normal Attack)

High (Spells)

Speed (m/s) 1.29 Slow
Cost 500 Gold, 400 Mana
Training Time 30 Seconds
Population 5

Stick War: Legacy

Damage 50 HP (Level 0 staff)

57.5 HP (Level 1 staff)

65 HP (Level 2 staff)

72.5 HP (Level 3 staff)

Minions summoned 2 (Level 0 hat)

3 (Level 1 hat)

4 (Level 2 hat)

5 (Level 3 hat)

Health 150
Movement Speed 0.5 (Staff upgrade 0)

0.55 (Staff upgrade 1)

0.6 (Staff upgrade 2)

0.65 (Staff upgrade 3)

Cost 1200
Population 5
Training Time 20 seconds


Magikills have 4 abilities in total.


Stick War 1/Stick War: Legacy

In Stick War 1, blast causes less damage but has massive range (It can damage a entire army) and cause stun.

In Stick War: Legacy, blast causes stun and can cause lethal damage from medium range, but can only hit a maximum of 3 units per cast.

Stick War ll :Order Empire/Stick Empires

Blast causes Burn and has very High damage but with short range, it no longer causes stun.

Summon minions

This ability is only available in Stick war 1 / Stick War: Legacy.

Summons Minions that do their bidding.

More info on minions here.

Poison spray

this ability is only available in Stick War ll: Order Empire/Stick Empires

This ability costs costs 100 gold and 100 Mana and takes 30 seconds to research

upon activation the Magikill will have a mist of poison around it which it thrusts on the Battlefield, any units hit will get poisoned, units will not take additional damage from the poison

Electric Wall

The Magikill will have a bunch of electricity which it thrusts on the battlefield as a wall of electricity. Any units standing in it will be damaged for the duration of the wall


Uses (Stick War/ Stick War: Legacy)

  • Magikill's Blast would cause stun, which is useful in countering Swordwrath/Spearton
  • The main use of the Magikill is its minion summoning ability. The minion summoning ability can often hold an enemy army while your real army is building, you can then ambush them.
  • The minions strength is in its numbers, so be sure to invest some points in the Magikill hat is you are going to rely on them as a army force.
  • Because minions cost population in Stick War, it is best to only begin building Magikill when you are almost at the population cap. Minions can be summoned even if you are at maximum population, so this can swell your army above 20 units. This is no longer the case in Stick War: Legacy, where minions have 0 population cost.
  • Magikill are best used in groups. The more of them you have, the more quickly you can build up a minion army and replace slain minions.
  • As Magikill tend to get dangerously close to the action and move slowly, manually controlling them and pulling them back can be useful to protect your investment. As a bonus, user-controlled Magikill in Stick War: Legacy can deal huge damage with their Blast spell.

Countering (Stick War/ Stick War: Legacy)

  • Magikill often excel at close combat, so it is recommended to counter them with Archidons.
  • The Magikill has a straight line range, so by controlling a Swordwrath and going to the extreme bottom of the field would fool the Magikill into stunning in empty space
  • Magikill minions are very weak and can be one-shotted by a maxed-out, user controlled Swordwrath (It shares this disadvantage with the Swordwrath).

Uses (Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires)

  • The Magikill can be used offensively and defensively.
  • They can drive archers away with Poison Spray.
  • They can devastate armored units with a combination of Poison Spray and Electric Wall.
  • using a Magikill with a simple "Spearcher" (combo of Speartons and Archidons) can turn the tide of battle.

Countering (Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires)

  • The Magikill can be targeted by Shadowrath or Medusa.
  • V can simply possess your Magikill.
  • When trying to face an electric wall, try to get the Enemy to cast their spell then run and wait until the wall dissipates before re-engaging as the Spell has a long cooldown time and they have wasted their spell.


The word Magikill is a compound of the word Magic, The power of influencing events through supernatural forces,and Kill, To end someones life brutally

Magic originated from the danish word madʒɪk

Kill originated from the Maltese word kɪl

Death Animations

Stick War

The Magikill will fall down and evaporate into dust, leaving behind a hat for a grave.

Stick War II: Order Empire

The Magikill will evaporate into dust while standing, leaving a hat as a grave.

Stick War: Legacy

Magikill fall to the ground, without evaporating

Magikill electrical wall


  • In the Stick Empires Game Guide, Magikill are described as "Leader of Order, powerful mage able to cast explosions, poison, and electric walls."
  • Magikill Minions have the same headpiece in Stick War: Legacy as the Final Boss.
  • A Magikill is seen in a cutscene in the Stick War: Legacy stage, Endless Deads, where it died while it was attacked by zombies.
    • While playing the game, the player can see the Magikill's corpse in the first wave, while in the second wave, his body decomposes. The third and all waves after that will have a grave of the said Magikill, with his staff and hat on it.
  • The name is a portmanteau of magic kills.
  • Magikill used to cost 500 Mana, until they were buffed by reducing their cost to 400 Mana.
  • Poison Spray used to be cast at whatever range the player said. This was changed so it was always cast at max range, making it easier for new players.
  • If multiple Magikill are selected and are told to use a spell, only the closest Magikill will actually cast a spell.
  • Thus, if you select multiple Magikill and you want most/all of them to use a spell, you must click rapidly whilst moving your cursor up and down around the target.
  • In Patch 1.89, Poison Spray was nerfed to do less damage, because it was the most effective way to poison, with the other being Deads. Blast also had its damage reduced, but gained the ability to burn.