This land is ruled by wizards known to have spells that can stun infantry and other spells that summon minions to do their bidding.

–- Narrator, Stick War

Magikill is a country of Magikill, known for their aggressive view towards the Order Empire. While the Magikill's powerful stun ability and their minions were quite a difficult opponent, the country was eventually overtaken by the Order on two separate occasions, before finally uniting against a greater foe.

History Edit

Stick War Edit

The Magikill were one of the many zealot nations that continually attacked the Order, as they were a nation of knowledge and peace.

Attack the Magikill Edit

However, Order began a revenge conquest in reaction to the military harassment. By the time the Order Empire had started the fight against the country of Magikill, their ranks were already outmatching the ill-prepared rebel empire. Henceforth, after a battle of divine intervention (war), the Magikill had fallen briefly, giving their superiors the knowledge to use the Magikill for their own purposes.

Unlike the other three rebel empires, however, Magikill did not participate in battle with the Order again until the final conflict.

Last Stand Edit

As mentioned before, fragments of what was left from the Magikill country team up with all other countries to destroy the Order in the final battle. The Order eliminates these units as well.

Stick War II: Order Empire Edit

The Magikill, now known as the Magikill Empire, return in hopes of reclaiming lost land and gaining their revenge against the Order Empire after the events of the original game. In response, the succeeding Order begins their second conquest over Inamorta.

Magic in the Air: Wizards and monks Declare War Edit

After the Order passed through the Archidon Empire, their ranks had made it to the rebuilt Magikill. When the gruesome conflict subsided, the Order Empire had once again claimed victory over Magikill, and their remaining army fled for the hills.

The Magikill Empire led their fellow rebel empires to eventually unite with the Order, forming a coalition to end Medusa and her hellish reign once and for all.

Notes Edit

  • Magikill is the last country to fall at the hands of the Order in Stick War.
  • Magikill, as an individual country, only used three units during their lifetime, the Magikill, Miner, and Magikill Minion.
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