The Marrowkai are units in the Chaos Empire. Seen as the spellcaster of the faction, Marrowkai use many magic abilities to disarm and eliminate their foes.


When they use their abilities they use magic chants, they have 2 abilities eat he eats yo units


Marrowkai will chant brociol sistrachciol and then slam his staff into the ground summoning a reaper, when this reaper hits a single unit it causes damage and lures it to the enemy castle(lure does not effect speartons in shield wall)

Marrowkai Reaper-0

A Marrowkai who has just summoned a reaper

Hells fists

Marrowkai will chant “abasess agness” and slam his fists in the ground, this will cause 6 skeletal fists to appear from the ground and do massive AOE damage to the units in the targeted location(in stick empires this ability needs to be researched before use)


  • In the Stick Empires game guide,marrowkai are described as skeletal mage able to summon reapers and cast rows of fists
  • In Stick War: Legacy,Marrowkai is called "dark lord of the Dead(Although he has never made an appearance in the game).
  • The offensive spellcaster of chaos.
  • They are considered to be undead Magikill.
  • A symbol appears on the top of the unit targeted by reaper.
  • There is a bug where if a Marrowkai casts reaper on a statue,the statue still suffers damage,but the reaper symbol stays stuck on the ststue for the duration of the match.
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