I never give up.

–Maverick, Stick War: Legacy

Maverick is a Crown of Inamorta contestant in Stick War: Legacy. While a very skilled athlete offline, he's one of the weaker A.I. opponents in the tournament, being defeated in the earlier rounds of the competition. The Player rarely encounters Maverick compared to other opponents.

He's more of a hiking professional than a football jock like Blake, but both are good with their sports. Also, using terms like "radical" and "extreme", he's probably a thrillseeker to boot.

Battlefield Abilities

Maverick is not too skilled a player, so he often will just stick with a Swordwrath-Archidon strategy and leave it at that.

However, he can also control units and use some of the weaker spells. These are potentially a very dangerous combination that could spice up an otherwise predictable AI.


Maverick is a black stick figure with an orange tank top and navy blue athletic shorts.


  • Maverick is one of 12 A.I. challengers in the tournament, meaning they've been designed to go up directly against the Player at one point in the tournament.
  • When entering a match, Maverick says "I always give 100% dude, have fun."
  • If Maverick uses a spell, he says "Time to get extreme!"
  • If Maverick's statue has less than 50% health, he says "I never give up."
  • If the player's statue has less than 50% health, he says "I almost gotcha!"
  • When he loses, Maverick parts with the player by saying "Radical win dude, catch you later."
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