You fools thought Inamorta belonged to you?

– Medusa, Stick Empires

Medusa is a unit in Stick Empires, leading the Chaos Empire as their monarchy.

Medusa is a powerful spellcaster, best with pick-and-choose abilities and poison spells.


Stick War II: Order Empire.

Medusa is the leader of the Chaos Empire. After seing her giants being tortured by Order, she waged war, she and her Chaos Empire was pushed back to the castle and defeated.


Stick Empires

Medusa is a tall black stick figure with an hourglass silhouette, tucked behind a green lavish cloak. Two golden bands hang around Medusa's body, one acting as a neck-collar, and the other as a headband. Atop her scalp are approximately thirty snakes, similar to hair, strewn along in messy fashion.

Stick War II: Order Empire

medusa appears similar to its stick empires counterpart but is way larger(to signify it has more health) and wears a yellow cloak, she is maroon in color(to signify she is a enemy).


Universal Abilities.

Petrify(Stone Face)

Petrify is an ability capable of turning any unit below 84 hp into stone, some exceptions like giants enslaved giants, treatures, charrogs, units shielded by cycloid, and speartons in shield wall will not turn into stone but will take a ton of damage(84 hp).

Venom Flux

"Toxica amasacus!" Medusa performing Venom Flux.

Venom Flux causes Medusa to spit a pool of poison. The units will not take any additional damage from the

Medusa, as appearing in stick empires


Stick War 2 Abilities

Summon bombers

Summon Bombers can summon 1-4 bombers, the same particle effects appear as the ghosts in tower spawn.

Mass Petrify

You all must die-Medusa before performing mass petrify.

Mass Petrify is like petrify but it takes effect on all units on the battlefield, except garrisoned units and shadowrath under cloak. This ability is used only once, when she comes out as a boss.

Mass Petrify can instakill a fully grown Enslaved Giant



  • It can also use Venom Flux as a deterrent to any attack, as it will poison units.
  • Venom Flux is usually used in order to give Medusa more space between enemies.
  • It is also effective at taking on weak ranged units (note that this spell can hit air units). Although units can still get past, it can weaken mass rushes.

Countering (Stick War II: Order Empire)

  • Garrisoned units are not affected by Mass Petrify.
  • Meudsa is not immune to stun, so make use of your Enslaved Giants and attack her with full force
  • Speartons in sheild wall will not die instantly by petrify.


  • The mythological Medusa petrifies any person that looks upon her, slightly different than in Stick Empires, where Medusa stares at a person to petrify them. 
  • As there is only one Medusa in mythology, the unit in Stick Empires should technically be called gorgons.
  • Medusa used to cost 500 mana, until they were buffed by reducing their cost to 400 mana.
  • Medusa is the fastest spell casting unit in the game (Her spells have only little delay to cast and activate)
  • The image for the spell petrify shows a half-petrified miner.
  • A Medusa can petrify another Medusa. However, it requires 2 Medusas to petrify an enemy Medusa, because petrify only removes half the health of a Medusa. (2 bars out of 4).
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