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Merics are support units in the Order military, able to heal their fellow men in the midst of battle without the need for garrisoning troops into the castle. Along with the Shadowrath and Albowtross, Merics were introduced in Stick War II: Order Empire.


Stick War II: Order Empire/Stick Empires

Merics are a unit with the capability to Heal (and cure if the other units. They can be bought for 300 Gold and 200 Mana.

They can also cause damage (although the damage is really small).

Stick War: Legacy

Merics are a spell units that can be bought for 250 Gems. They restore 30 health per heal. When controlled by the user they heal 45 health.

They do not perform the "falling animation" when stunned by Giants or Magikills. They have extremely low health, their color of their robe no longer changes to marron.

They appear in the bonus level called "Storm The Rebel Mage Camp". They are trained in the start of the level. Later they are assisted with Magikills that will attack your statue in a short period of time. Completing this bonus level will grant you a meric spell (This cannot be abused by repeatedly playing this level, you won't get any more merics after you get your first one)

A Meric also appears in the chest shop.

Stick War III

Merics in Stick War 3

Similar to the Stick War II: Order Empire, Merics are a unit that can be bought for 150 Gold and Mana. It can heal other units.

Death Animation

Upon death, the Meric explodes into a puff of smoke, the smoke is blue and black in color.

The old death animation has not been added into Stick War 3 yet.



Heals a single unit units for no extra cost


Cures a single unit of any de-buff (apart from freeze and stun).

Projectile Barrier (Stick War 3)

The meric if being attacked (probably triggered after the meric's health goes lower than a certain threshold) can conjure a protective barrier around her, blocking all projectiles for around 5 seconds. The barrier does not prevent enemy melee units from damaging her however.


in Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires meric can attack enemy units and produce small damage,

Strengths (Stick War II: Order Empire / Stick Empires)

Merics act as crucial healing units, they are the only units that can instant heal and cure units without dying, they can work very well when combined with powerful tanks e.g Speartons (Effectiveness can increase when combined in shield wall) and fully grown Enslaved Order Giants.

Weaknesses (Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires)

Merics are very expensive and the damage they deal is very low, the Meric lacks armor and one hit from Shinobi II will destroy her. They also cannot cure and heal at the same time and cure costs Mana to use.

Strengths (Stick War: Legacy)

A Meric when user controlled can fully heal an Archidon with only 2 swipes of its staff. Merics can cure and heal at the same time for no additional cost.

Weaknesses (Stick War: Legacy)

Merics have become phenomenally expensive, costing over 200 Gems and their health has reduced even further. A single Swordwrath jump can kill her.


  • Merics are one of only 4 female units introduced in the Stick War Universe, alongside Medusa, Shade and Kytchu.
  • Merics are the only units who are capable of healing their allies without dying instantly.
  • Merics are one of the white units, the others are Marrowkai and V.
  • In Stick War II: Order Empire, when Merics heal, green pluses are visible, when they cure, yellow pluses are visible.
  • Meric cure are crucial when fighting Dead/Toxic Dead.
  • Unlike most units, when a Meric dies, they dissolve into black smoke instead of just falling onto the ground.
  • In Stick War 3, if the player is user-controlling a unit, they can see the healing range of the meric as a transparent green circle around the meric.