Gold please.

–Miner, Stick Empires

The Miner is a unit that devotes its technologies to many factions, but after the collapse of virtually every rebel empire, made the Order Empire their primary home. Similar to the Swordwrath, the Miner is found in every tutorial stage in the Stick War series, due to their ability to produce valuable resources.


Stick War

Before the war began, Inamorta shared these miners amongst themselves and used them to produce weapons of harm and chaos. It was only the Order Empire that had Miners as free people, and here their population was in full-force.

Miners have participated in every single battle that the Order Empire has taken part in, and without them, no nation would have been triumphant.

Stick War II: Order Empire

Returning for the sequel, miners were again a technology used by all of the countries in southern Inamorta. However, Medusa captured their fair share of Orderian miners and enslaved them to work under her will.

Like the original game, the Miner participates in every battle that the Order takes part in.


The miner is the only unit capable of mining gold for the army. Their bags can be upgraded to hold more gold and their pickaxes can be upgraded so they can mine faster. Miners are very weak and have little in the way of defending themselves. However, they have some abilities in Stick War ll: Order Empire/Stick Empires

Miner Hustle

See the main article.

Stick War: Legacy

In Stick War: Legacy, Miner Hustle is a spell which costs 20 gems.

Upon activation miners will have 2x mining speed and 2x capacity, This lasts for five seconds

Stick War ll: Order empire/Stick Empires

Miner Hustle costs 300 gold and 100 mana to research

Once researched miners have 2x health and movement speed.

Miner Wall

Miner wall costs 100 gold to research and 200 gold to use.

The miner selected will construct a wall which the non-aerial units of the opponent cannot cross. It has 4 health bars (36hp).

Uses (Stick War)

The main use of Miners is to obtain Resources for the player. a miner will immediately begin mining gold, user controlled miners can mine faster and have more movement. Miners can mine until their gold deposit will be depleted (permanently) and can no longer be mined, in which case they head to another gold deposit.

Uses (Stick War II: Order Empire/Stick Empires)

The main use of Miners is to obtain Resources for the player.In Stick War II: Order Empire a miner must be commanded to either mine gold or pray for mana or attack, however in Stick Empires a miner without a command will automatically begin mining gold after 4 seconds of being idle (Released in Patch 1.75). Miners can mine until their gold deposit will be depleted (permanently) and can no longer be mined, in which case they head to another gold deposit. Miners can also be commanded to gather mana at the statue.

Miners in Order and Chaos can also build defensive structures, as mentioned above. This allows them to play a part in defence, as well as resource collection.

It isn't a good idea to use miners as soldiers, but keep in mind that they can be used in an emergency.

Countering (All Games)

Of course, the miner has pitiful meelee power and low health,In Stick War Miners can be 1 hit killed by a single Maxed out, User controlled Swordwrath. In Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires Miners can be rushed at by a swarm of Raging Swordwrath or Bombers.


  • PrototypeMiner

    The club-wielding Miner found in the game files.

    In the files for the original Stick War, the sprites tagged 135, 165, 199, and 200 display a Miner holding the Swordwrath's club instead of the traditional pick. Why or when this change was made is unknown, but this feature was likely scrapped before Stick War's release.
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