You have been ambushed by some natives. Hold them off until the sun sets.

–- Narrator, Stick War

The Native are elite units of the Native tribe, taking part in the first ambush against the Order during the events of Stick War and Stick War: Legacy.

They are presumably followers of 'The Way of the Spear' as they hold a spear similar to that of a Spearton.

History Edit

Stick War Edit

You Have Been Ambushed Edit

During the Order's march to Swordwrath, a tribe of Natives ambush their ranks. Haulting their pursuit of Swordwrath, the empire is forced to fend off Native attacks until sunset.

The Order struggles, but pulls through and survives until sunset, eliminating the waves of Native. These Natives are never seen again after the ambush fails. However, a level between No Man's Land and Icy Hills features natives, depicting giants and Swordwraths/Clubmen, but Native Spearmen do not appear.

Function Edit

The Native are identical in statistics to the Spearton. This makes them well-off in combat and durable toboot. Swordwrath, with their basic clubs, cannot fight these units alone and require a group of at least three comrade Swordwrath or an Archidon to slay a Native.

Natives suffer from small numbers, which makes for Swordwrath massing and Tower Archer fire. A group of nine Swordwrath can surely kill three Natives, and three to four arrows from a Tower Archer will kill one of them. These units are all either cheap (Swordrwrath) or free (Tower Archers), making the biggest downfall to the Natives sheer numbers.

Etiology Edit

The word Native is derived from the Latin word nativus.[1]

Notes Edit

  • These units, along with the Boss Giant, are the only units throughout the original Stick War that the user cannot control.

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