You have been ambushed by some natives. Hold them off until the sun sets.

– Narrator, Stick War

Natives are a tribe of humans, coincidentally also called Natives, appearing in Stick War. These Natives ambushed the Order during their revenge conquest against opposing nations on two separate occasions.

History Edit

Stick War Edit

You Have Been AmbushedEdit

The Natives are introduced ambushing the Order during their march to Swordwrath. The Order are forced to hold off increasingly large forces of Native until sunset.

With the Order only having two units capable of combat: the Swordwrath and Archidon, it was a struggle for survival. However, the Order Empire overcame this struggle, eliminating the Native ranks and ceasing their ambush. The Natives are never mentioned again after this debacle.


Military Edit

For more information on the Natives' military forces, please view it's dedicated page.
The Natives' military, similar to the real-world counterpart, is not known for it's organization. No two groups of Native use the same type of unit, making their pattern unpredictable and not especially practical. Throughout their term, they've been shown to carry:

  • Natives - Only unit exclusive to the tribe, simple reskin of a default Spearton. Travels along in waves of units.
  • Native Clubmen - Weak clubmen, but potentially useful in larger numbers. Travels in large clumps, usually accompanied by a Native Giant.
  • Native Giant - Strong, default Giants. Travels as a single Giant accompanying smaller clubmen.

Unlike the rebel countries, the Native Clubmen and Native Giant receive names, distinguishing them from the average Order unit.

Notes Edit

  • The Native unit is extremely similar to the Spearton, carrying the exact same statistics and only diverging from them due to their attire.