For newbies, start with normal mode.


Clubman killing a bowman


When you first play this game (on normal mode), you battle against Archidons, enemies with archers that shoot at you from quite long distances (also known as ranged attacks.) All you have are Swordsmen to attack them and must be near them to attack (also known as melee attack). You see that they take the basic bow to attack your army and statue. All you have to do is to get a miner or two, and then get a few Swordsmen and get ready to attack. This should finish them.

Survive until the sun setsEdit

You just got a new unit that you unlocked during the battle with those Archidons, and you are so excited to try them on this level. But this misson is nearly impossible to beat if you fight these enemies with arrows. The enemies have big shields and a long spear used to stab and destroy your army. The objective of this level is to defend until the sun sets, and NOT to destroy a statue. The only problem is your army isn't strong enough, so you have to learn to use the outnumbering method. Reminder: three clubs are better than one spear.

Can't defend properly? You will have to learn an extra method. At least it's better than nothing, right? Use the "Garrison Mode". It will keep your army safe and
Stickwar guide fortify

Man the fort!

you can strike back after a few seconds. Reminder: Enemies can also man their fort, so when they do this method, you better reserve some gold.

For every three units, one garrisoned Archidon will strike the enemy. It means if you have a maximum number of units (20 men,) you will get six garrisoned Archidons.


You will learn about the almighty headshot from Archidons! The Swordwrath are only equipped with swords. Although it can slice your Archidons and Swordsmen, the Swordwrath still have a lame defence. It means one headshot or two equals to one kill. So now that you know that this mission is best to use Archidons, right? And you are going to make your army all Archidons, right? But it's a bad idea using only bowmen, because it may take forever to destroy the Swordwrath statue, so you better train some of your own Swordwrath( I called them swordsmen before, but I am going to call them "your Swordwrath" from now on.) Reserve some money for backup just in case the Swordwrath come back to defend. After you beat this level, you will have a sword upgrade for your Swordwrath to face the Speartons.


There seems to be no ambush after defeating the Swordwrath with your army, yeah? This time your going to have to face the Speartons. Speartons are heavy infantry that have armour from head to toe, and your army of Swordwrath and Archidons are not powerful than Speartons, so you must use the outnumbering method you learned on the second level because three clubs (OR should I say three swords?) are better than one spear. The Speartons' helmet protects them from headshots and minimizes damage from your Swordwrath. They can throw their spear at your trained soldiers and cause a lot of damage.

Swordwrath CounterEdit

So you think everything is over, right? The Swordwrath are just going to surrender their land? Well, in this level, this is one of those "Survive Until the Sun Sets" all your units: Archidons, Swordwrath, and Speartons. Also try to get some miners, too, because you'll need a lot of money if you are to survive this level. I said you need money because after you kill one Swordwrath unit, another will come out. Train a medium group of archidons first, then get speartons to block.


The Magikill is powerful as they are mage. They can stun your speartons and swordwrath out and their minions will finish you. Sadly, they cannot stun archidons, which is the key to beat this level. Do as battling the swordwrath, until you get enough archidons and a magikill get near, then send out swordwraths to mob and kill it. Once you do this, you canget rid of these mages.

Free PertlandEdit

This time is swordwrath and archidons combined. So beware of arrows when fighting a swordwrath. Get your swordwrath close up to their archidons and get your archidons far from their swordwrath. Or you can use speartons and archidons if you want.