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Order is an empire in the Stick War series. Usually taking the role of 'peacekeeper' within the world of Inamorta, the Order has fought armies of all kind, whether it rebellions in fits of rage, or mythical beings in a land far north from their own.

Once following under the 'Way of Peace and Knowledge', was soon brought to conflict when the other countries grew hostile to one another. Taking it upon themselves to settle as the apex of the community, the Order initiates a conquest held throughout lower Inamorta to eliminate their aggressive and hostile competition.

The Order Empire was the first and only nation to conquer all factions including the Archidonis, Swordwrath, Spearton, and the Magikill.

Currently, the Order and its ranks follow all known cultures and technologies of war; although they still take pride in their humble and peaceful origins as a nation of Miners.


Stick War

Order began as a small nation of Miners, unique for using peace and knowledge in contrast to their neighbors, which were constantly practicing their respective arts and technologies of war. This way of living was seen as weak to the many surrounding nations, often leading to attacks and harassment.

Order eventually executed their planned operation to conquer Inamorta. This plan was to overpower all the opposing nations, use their technologies against them, and take over as the dominant empire.

The War Begins

Order began marching to Archidonis. Despite their range superiority, Order's Clubmen triumphed through excellent use of their numbers. With the Archidon defeated and their bow technology assimilated, Order began to move towards their next stop.

This level also serves as the tutorial.

You Have Been Ambushed

Before they could move farther west, Order was ambushed by a tribe of Natives. After a day's long struggle, Order forces pushed the Natives back into their place, ceasing the raid and letting the march continue.

Attack the Swordwrath

Order arrived at the country of Swordwrath, who refused to surrender to the Order unit. Even with the Order's inferior swords, their combined numbers and use both club and bow overpowered the small military of Swordwrath. Order studied the Swordwrath's swords and replaced their clubs with proper weapons.

Attack the Spearton

The march continued towards the Speartons, armored warriors who lived for battle. Despite having slight advantages against both of Order's offensive tactics, Order managed to use numbers to their advantage, as the Speartons could not supply their warriors as fast as the simple swordsmen and archers. Order once again assimilated the technology of their opponents.

Swordwrath Counter

As Order marched towards Magikill territory, a militia of Swordwrath intervened in their path, hoping to use their superior numbers to take back their land.

Order countered the Swordwarth militia and continued marching.

Attack the Magikill

The nation of Order continued their conquest, arriving at Magikill territory. The Magikill was a challenge to the growing nation due to their ability to summon minions and stall the Order's offense while the Magikill themselves cast explosive spells ferocious for its firepower and capabilities.

However, Order gained the upper hand and recreated their magical powers for their own uses.

Free Pertland

A united rebellion consisting of the Archidon and Swordwrath took over over the land of Pertland in response to losing their territories from previous encounters with the Order. However, the Order was able to destroy their forces at Pertland, freeing the populous from the rebellion's tyrannical rule.

Free Westwind

In similar fashion to the events of Free Pertland, a united rebellion of Spearton and Archidon went to claim the land of Westwind in retaliation to the Order taking their home territory a few battles before. However, Order was able to destroy their forces at Westwind as well, once again freeing the populous from the rebellion's tyrannical rule.

Without anywhere left to go, the hostile nations fled to the Ice Hills. However, the journey to follow them would prove to be much more complicated than Order had thought.

No Man's Land

Order stopped at No Man's Land, a wasteland ruled by the gargantuan natives, the Giants. Despite superior size and strength, the Giants were taken down, and Order captured many to use for themselves. Order proceeded before bring ambushed by natives who used clubs like Order used before. They were however, easily disposed of.

Ice Hills

Order's march reached the Ice Hills, where all hostile nations had formed together to battle them. Through strategy and power, Order managed to conquer the united force. With nowhere left to go, they fled to the desert.

Last Stand

The remaining warriors of each hostile nation were now cornered, reflecting how Order was cornered by them before the conquest began. The allied forces gave everything they had against the Order Empire, as they literally had nothing else to lose to them. They were defeated but left Order to deal with one final unit.

A colossal Giant was petrified into a statue, and when Order claimed victory, it was released upon them. The Giant stomped all over the Order Empire's forces, but through persistence, Order managed to kill the beast and claim Inamorta as their land.

Stick War II: Order Empire

Soon years passed after Order had conquered the rebellions, as a result of the first war, people were killed, houses were burned and surviving rebel warriors had to live in the outskirts of their own homeland.The rebellions wanted to crush Order and had gained more power than before, they also had recaptured their land back,leaving Order with the loyal Swordwrath .Order had set out on their second Campaign.

Tutorial(Spearton level)

The Spearton Empire were the first location which Order planned to attack,despite their new armor and power,Order once again destroyed their Statue and they fled for the hills

Blot out the sun: Archidons Declare War

The Archidon Empire was the second stop which Order planned to attack, Despite the Archidon Empires large amount of Archidons and new Enslaved Swordwrath,They were defeated.

Silent Assasins: Ninjas Declare War

The march continued to the Swordwrath Empire,Despite their new Shadowrath and Shinobi Ability,They were defeated.

Magic is in the Air: Wizard and Monks declare war

The March Continued to the Magikill Empire,but all hopes proved futile as Order once again won over them.

Rebels United

All the Rebel Armies teamed at the plains of Westwind,Order destroyed their statue and defeated them.

Massive Battle

Order Marched towards the Giant Army,In No Man's Land,A Giant began attacking the Order army,The Army enslaved him,But they soon discovered Chaos, Their leader,Medusa, Waged war against Order,The rebellion realized who the real threat was and joined forces with Order.

Explosive War: Bomber Attacks

Order marched to Ice Hills,Medusa attacked Order with Giants and Bombers,But Order defeated the Chaos forces

The Night is Dark: Juggerknights attack

Medusa sent her Juggerknights to defeat Order,But Order defeated them again by destroying their Statue.

Undead War: Deadly Deads Attack

Medusa unleashes the powerful Dead to defeat Order,But Order once again defeated the deads and destroyed their statue.

4 Legged fury: Crawlers Attack

Medusa unleashes the Crawlers,Fast and cheap melee cats that become stronger in packs,and Order once again defeated them.

Shadow of The Night: Eclipsors Attack

Medusa unleashes Eclipsors, An aerial crossbowman, Order defeated them and destroyed the Statue. Order then made the Albowtross to mimic them.

Bone Pile: Marrowkai summon War

While Order Made the Albowtross,Medusa released the Marrowkai, skeletal mages who caused havoc in the neighboring nations, but Order killed all the Marrowkai and destroyed the enemy statue.

Medusa's gates: The Chaos Capital is in Sight

Order reached the heavily guarded gates of the Chaos capital-A location much farther from their homeland, Despite the large forces,Order destroyed their statue and entered Medusa's castle.

Medusa and the full Chaos Empire: Final Battle

Order reached the Chaos Capital. When they brought the statue down to half-health,Medusa petrified all of them. The reinforcing speartons and giant arrived and killed her. The remaining Chaos army surrendered after this and Order returned to their homeland victorious while the rebellions ruled the land Medusa previously ruled.


Order is one of the three playable empires in Stick Empires, and the only empire that does not require a membership to use. All units are identical to their Stick War II: Order Empire counterparts.

For more information on the Order's military forces, please view it's dedicated page.

The Order is most notable for their use of real stick-humans in military combat, being one of the few empires to be successful in the process of doing so. While battling with many other mythological beings, the Order's military has grown to adapt, replicating the organic feats of their rivals with mechanical technology or obtaining their technologies directly. A primary example of this is the Albowtross, the Order's version of the Chaos Eclipsor.

Units are displayed as they were introduced.

Still a WIP


Miner - Worker

The Miner Icon in Stick War

The Miner acts as the economic backbone of Order by supplying the majority of the resources needed to create and maintain an army. The Miner is also able to fulfill a defensive role in Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires through the construction of the Miner Wall, which blocks enemy

Miner Box.png

troop movement and projectiles once fully built. The Miner can be upgraded to have increased health and speed (Via Miner Hustle), although with its pitiful melee power and lack of armor, It is not recommended to use miners in combat.

There is also a spell called Miner Hustle which causes the miner to have 2x mining speed and capacity. (stick war legacy exclusive)

Swordwrath - Basic Melee

Swordwrath1 Icon.png

The Swordwrath acts as an early-game unit for Order, however with Rage(Only in Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires(Stick War :Legacy as a spell)) and proper protection, Swordwrath can be a potent mid-game unit. However, without protection the Swordwrath fails miserably in the mid-late game due to a lack of armor, despite the Swordwrath's high damage potential.

Swordwrath Box.png

The Swordwrath have various attack styles, Swordwrath can also jump attack,causing massive damage. (only available for Stick War: Legacy).It can also hold its sword in front, covering its upper body and blocking ranged attacks entirely (however they cannot move) (only available for Stick War and Stick War: Legacy)

Archidon - Ground Ranged

Archidon1 Icon.png

The Archidon acts as a long-range unit in Order. It has one of the longest ranges in the game and can do massive damage through kiting to pursuers. Its ability, Fire Arrows(Only in Stick War II: Order Empire), also allows groups of Archidons to fire volleys of burning arrows at enemies. This makes it a perfect candidate for harassment unit.

Archidon Box.png

It also has a spell called Archidon Rain in Stick War: Legacy.

Nevertheless, the Archidon has its defects. The Archidon's lack of both health and armor means Archidons require protection and quick movement to avoid spells, DoT attacks and melee units.

Meric - Support Spellcaster


The Meric acts as an Order support spellcaster. It can heal lost health and cure poison once upgraded. However, the Meric has low speed and lacks armor, so it cannot effectively defend itself against attacks from other combat units. Merics are thus best used where it is highly protected, as the protective units offer defense for the Merics allowing them to heal those with lower health. Merics will automatically target and heal the unit with the least health/poisoned unit.

They are also spells in Stick War: Legacy.

Magikill - Offensive Spellcaster

The Magkill acts as the main Order spellcaster. It has 4 spells: 3 in Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires and 2 in Stick War :Legacy and Stick War 1 (Blast being the first spell and minion summon being the second spell). Its damaging potential is one of the highest.

However, the Magikill is very expensive and has low health and slow speed, and could die while retreating. Otherwise the Magikill is a strong unit that can dominate the battlefield.

Spearton - Defensive Tank

Spearton Box.png

The Spearton acts as the defensive tank unit of Order. Its durability can be increased with Shield Wall and can literally stop enemies in their approach with Shield Bash. Due to its great self-defensive potential, high speeds, and damage, it is a very versatile and powerful unit. Its use is highly recommended for offense and defense.

They can also act as ranged units by throwing their spear.

Shadowrath - Scout/Assassin


The Shadowrath acts as the assassin of Order. It is one of the fastest units in the game, can avoid attacks and spells and sneak past enemies to instantly kill key units with Shinobi (or if not, inflict high damage along with poison). It also has great damage potential with its passive ability Fixate, which increases damage with each attack up to five attacks. However, due to its lack of armor and need of micro to maximize the power from Fixate, Shadowrath are rarely used as frontline units.

Albowtross - Heavy Air Ranged Unit

Also referred to as Flying Crossbowman

Albowtross Box.png

The Albowtross fulfills the role of aerial support and anti-armour unit in Order. It has a shorter range than the Archidon, but sports more damage potential with the upgrade Blazing Bolts, which increases damage for all Albowtrosss attacks, as well as multiplying damage done to armor. After the update in 1.89, the upgrade can burn enemies as well, which is highly useful, though this also sacrificed a lot of damage dealt.

In fact, the Albowtross is more durable than one would think, due to its own armor(ironic due to its anti-armor role) and two full bars of health, along with its flight which means only projectiles and spells can harm it. As such, some players will replace their Archidons with Albowtross in the late-game. However, some players still opt for Archidons due to the Albowtross' low speed and high cost.

Enslaved Order Giant - Heavy Ranged/Tank

Order Giant Box.png

Giants captured from chaos and put under shackles to work for you. The Enslaved Giant acts as the major tank in Order. It has the second highest health of all units in the game, as well as being armored, making it very durable. It is also large, which means it can block projectiles aimed at air units. This makes it effective at protecting air and ground units alike. It also has a fairly high damaging attack that can stun units.

Due to its amazing tanking potential and powerful attack, Giants tend to be a common tank in Order games in the late-game stage. However, it has its disadvantages: Giants take a long time to produce, and they also take a large amount of gold, not to mention the upgrades. Giants are slow as well, meaning that AOE spells like Poison Spray and Electric Wall can be cast on the giants, doing massive damage as they cannot escape the spells' effects very fast.

Order Giant - Heavy tank

Giant1 Icon.png

Giants that act exactly like Chaos Giants (but belong to Order), they swing their Dead body and club causing stun, they have an attack that can pierce through armor. Order Giants wearing skins can cause earthquake (Available in Stick War: Legacy).


  • Order is the only empire that is playable in all four main-series games.
  • Shadowrath were supposed to be in Stick War 1, but they weren't added because of the deadline. there might not be an update to Stick War 1 because of Stick War: Legacy.