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The Archideonis and Swordwrath have teamed up and are ruthlessly ruling over Pertland. You must free the citizens of this neutral land.

–- Narrator, Stick War

Pertland is a neutral territory in Stick War and Stick War: Legacy. During the later events of the game, the land is overtaken by a coalition of Swordwrath and Archidonis. The rapidly expanding Order Empire quickly assaulted the Coalition and freed Pertland's citizens.

Pertland's statue during the Archidonis-Swordwrath reign.


Stick War

Free Pertland

Pertland was once a neutral territory, but after both the Country of Swordwrath and Archidon had retreated from previous losses against the Order, they decided to form a coalition to rule over the land during the events of Free Pertland.

However, this coalition did not last long, the Order passed through and defeated the Swordwrath and Archidonis, once again restoring freedom to the citizens of Pertland.

Stick War: Legacy

Free Pertland

In a similar style to the first game, Pertland is freed by the Order from the tyrannical reign of the Swordwrath-Archidonis coalition.


  • Pertland is one of the few territories named throughout the first game.
  • Pertland only appears in the original Stick War and Stick War: Legacy.