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Poison is a game mechanic in Stick War II: Order Empire, Stick Empires, and Stick War: Legacy. Usually inflicted through ranged attacks, a unit with Poison will slowly lose health every few seconds, gradually making the unit weaker and weaker until it is killed. In the midst of battle or with low health beforehand, that unit could certainly perish if it is not treated immediately. Poison is very similar to another status infliction, Burn. Poison is also one of the most annoying effects.

Causing Poison

Stick Empires

Poison can be inflicted by Shadowrath (via Shinobi), Magikill (via Poison Spray), Deads (via Poison Guts), Medusas (via Venom Flux), and Scorplings.

Stick War: Legacy

Poison is inflicted by Toxic Deads.


Stick Empires

Poison acts as a low Dot (Damage over time) damage dealing game mechanic. It deals less damage than Burn, but lasts until cured.

Stick War: Legacy

Poison works similar to it's Stick Empires counterpart but the amount of damage is clearly visible.

5 for an average unit and 1 for Speartons in shield wall.

Curing Poison

Stick Empires


Poison can be cured by the Merics' cure ability.


Chaos units benefit from the Passive Cure ability.


Water Elementals sacrifice themselves to cure surrounding units.

Stick War: Legacy

Poison can be countered by the Merics (Spell) attack.

Poison can be cured by garrisoning units.