The Shop is a game mechanic in Stick War: Legacy, which allows you to spend your gems on usable items that may turn the tide of battle.

In the storefront is an elder in typical Magikill dress and gray tinted goggles. The elder is the keeper of the shop, but also helps the Player out in the tutorial. He is dubbed only as an "old man" in the credits of the game.


[20 Gems] Miner Hustle: causes miners to work twice as fast for 30 seconds.

[30 Gems] Swordwrath Rage: Swordwrath attack speed is doubled for 20 seconds.

[40 Gems] Archidon Rain: Flaming arrows fall from the sky and deal minor damage to any enemies that leave their statue for 5 seconds.

[50 Gems] Spearton Madness: All speartons throw their spear and deal double damage for 20 seconds.

[100 Gems] Statue Turret: Heals your statue for a portion of health, whch fires lasers at any enemies nearby for 20 seconds.

[250 Gems] Meric: Summons a unit which heals any wounded allies.

[300 Gems] Golden Spearton: Summons a powerful golden spearton, which is much more durable than a fully upgraded spearton.

[500 Gems] Summon The Elite: Summons a group of above-average units to fight for you.

[1000 Gems] Summon Griffon the Great: Summons a large giant, capable of defeating many units, and heavily wounding the final boss by themselves.

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