Born to die, But not before them!

– Spearton, Stick Empires

The Speartons are elite units in the Order military, who, with their heavy armor and rigorous training, make for a tough adversary. First serving the Spearton Empire, the Spearton were converted to Order faith after the revolutionary unification of all rebel empires in the fight against the Chaos.


During the original game, the Spearton outperforms the Swordwrath when it is introduced, as the Spearton was simply more prepared for combat and the field of war. Though a better fighter, the Spearton still suffered from a high cost, long training time, and just a slightly-above-average strength. Many noted that Spearton was a useful 'meat-shield' or tank, however, including the creator of the series himself.

During the second game, the Spearton loses some of its glory because they cost more population and don't deal as much damage as Swordwrath.

They are followers of the 'Way of the Spear', though also possibly the 'Way of the Sword', as once their spear is thrown, they instantaneously equip a short sword, which is most likely a serrated Gladius, a short sword of Roman culture used by Roman soldiers and slave-gladiators.


Stick War

Damage 24 Medium (Default)

28 Medium (Spear Upgrade 1)

34 Medium (Spear Upgrade 2)

72 High (User Controlled)

86 (User Controlled, Spear Upgrade 1)

103 (User Controlled, Spear Upgrade 2)


The Spearton, as appearing in Stick War.


Stick War

Spearton are generally black stick figures adorning heavy sets of armor and a large amount of equipment. Luckily, however, their strength allows for these units to hold their large array of weapons easily, allowing the Speartons to participate in combat.


Spearton carry heavy armor, depicted as bulky and buff in almost every position. Covering it's thin eyes is a bronze helmet, equipped with cheek-plates and a horsehair mohawk. If fully upgraded they get a bronze armour set, in the first game.


In the Spearton's right hand is an apsis, or a hoplite shield, put together in three layers: the center layer made of a thick wood, the outside layer facing the enemy made of bronze, and leather making up the inside of the shield. If a Spearton is not in active combat, the shield sits at the unit's side while standing, walking, or running. Once engaged, however, the shield will pull itself in-front of the wielder, protecting it from attack.

Spearton II

The Spearton, as appearing in Stick War II: Order Empire.


In the Spearton's left hand is a spear called a javelin, a throwing weapon used to disorient or puncture an opponent. If a Spearton is not in active combat, the Spearton will hold the spear casually while standing, walking, or running. Once engaged, however, the spear will be tucked just to the left of the now front-facing shield, making for a tight defensive maneuver.

In-case of easy access or a good shot opening up, the spear will be slung at a target, though this will leave them with a much weaker blade. Spear-throwing can only happen in the original Stick War and Stick War: Legacy.

In order to throw the spear, go down and right then attack to throw.

Battle Animations


When a Spearton is killed, the unit collapses briefly, first reaching towards the ground with his hands for leverage before he succumbs to his ill fate and his body hits the ground. The impact sends his helmet rolling off before tumbling to a stop.

Stick War II: Order Empire

Spearton receive a complete redesign from the bottom up. While still retaining their heavy set of armor, the equipment itself now consistently follows a gray color palette, though they still have the red horse hair mohawk on their helmets. They no longer throw their spears or set the bottom on the ground, and their shields seem to have enlarged.

Tower Spawn I (Spearton)

A ghost spearton


Shield Wall

Stick War 1

In Stick War 1, pressing Q as a user-controlled Spearton activates shield wall. In the Shield wall stance, there is a chance an opponent's ranged attack will be blocked entirely (This chance increases by 10% whenever you upgrade shield, 4 upgrades in total) and the Spearton receives (100% - Block chance) less damage if the attack is melee. Speartons could move in shield wall position. The AI controlled Speartons can also use shield wall.

Stick War ll: Order Empire

In Stick War II, manual control of the Speartons is necessary to toggle the shield wall on and off. Speartons can no longer move when in shield wall and they cannot entirely block damage but instead reduce incoming damage by 40%.

Shield Bash

The Spearton will attack the enemy by bashing his shield into them. In Stick War ll: Order Empire and Stick Empires, Shield Bash causes stun, immobilising an opponent for a few seconds. It should be noted that this attack can only be used when Speartons are in Shield Wall.

Stick War 1

When pressing Q if you press the spacebar without leaving Q, the Spearton will attack and return to shield wall, momentarily losing its shield wall buff. This acts like any other attack and does not stun.

Stick War ll :Order Empire/Stick Empires

When activating shield bash, Speartons will bash their shield into enemies similar to Stick War 1; this time hit units will be stunned, but it costs mana to use and has a cooldown, plus you have to user control Speartons to cast it; in Stick Empires, there was an update that allowed Speartons to auto-bash.

Spearton Madness

Spearton madness is a spell in Stick War: Legacy. It costs 60 gems.

Upon activation, Speartons will glow red, AI controlled Speartons can throw their spear and do double damage, and if any unit is user controlled, it will also be affected by double damage (although it will not throw spears unless you tell them to)


  • In the unit menu of Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires, Spearton are described as "Defensive unit used to tank damage"
  • At the end of Stick War: Legacy, upon weakening the boss, a lone Spearton darts towards the giant shouting " I will end this, for the Order Empire!" before being picked up by the wounded creature. The user must tap the screen (in real-life, accompanied by the word 'tap' on the screen in front of them) repeatedly, until the Spearton finally shoves his spear into the giant's eye, killing him immediately and dropping the lone Spearton (while falling, the Spearton performs the same animation as units when they are stunned).
  • Speartons are one of the few units that can speak, as shown in Kill the Spartan.
  • In Stick War II: Order Empire, Speartons will yell "Speartons, HOLD!" when blocking.
  • If enough Speartons throw their spear in the original Stick War, the game will lag significantly.
  • If the player looks carefully, they will see that the Spearton holds his shield in both of his hands. As the unit turns, the shield will readjust to face the viewer and block the spear-holding hand from sight. This was likely done to save time on the animator's part.
  • In real life, Speartons resemble the Spartans, who were also elite warriors of the Ancient Greek period.
  • In Stick War II: Order Empire, a ghost version of the Spearton can be summoned upon unlocking and purchasing Tower Spawn 1.
  • In the original Stick War, a non-upgraded Spearton dealt 20% more damage than a non - upgraded Swordwrath. In Stick war 2: order empire and stick empires, the Swordwrath dealt a little bit more damage than a Spearton
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