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Speartons are elite units in the Order military, who, with their heavy armor and rigorous training, make for a tough adversary. First serving the Spearton Empire, the Spearton were converted to Order faith after the revolutionary unification of all rebel empires in the fight against the Chaos.


During the original game, the Spearton outperforms the Swordwrath when it is introduced, as the Speartons were stronger, slightly faster, and more durable. Though a better fighter, the Spearton still suffered from a high cost and a long training time. Many noted that Spearton was a useful 'meat-shield' or tank, however, including the creator of the series himself.

During the second game, the Spearton loses some of its glory because they cost more population, their spears became too heavy to throw, and they don't deal as much damage as three Swordwrath.

They are followers of the 'Way of the Spear', though also possibly the 'Way of the Sword', as once their spear is thrown, they instantaneously equip a short sword, which is most likely a serrated Gladius, a short sword of Roman culture used by Roman soldiers and slave-gladiators.


The Spearton, as appearing in Stick War.

Stick War

Spearton are generally black stick figures adorning heavy sets of armor and a large amount of equipment. Luckily, however, their strength allows for these units to hold their large array of weapons easily, allowing the Speartons to participate in combat.


Spearton carry heavy armor, depicted as bulky and buff in almost every position. Covering its thin eyes is a bronze helmet, equipped with cheek-plates and a horsehair mohawk. If fully upgraded they get a bronze armor set, in the first game.


In the Spearton's right hand is an apsis, or a hoplite shield, put together in three layers: the center layer made of a thick wood, the outside layer facing the enemy made of bronze, and leather making up the inside of the shield. If a Spearton is not in active combat, the shield sits at the unit's side while standing, walking, or running. Once engaged, however, the shield will pull itself in-front of the wielder, protecting it from attack.


In the Spearton's left hand is a spear called a javelin, a throwing weapon used to disorient or puncture an opponent. If a Spearton is not in active combat, the Spearton will hold the spear casually while standing, walking, or running. Once engaged, however, the spear will be tucked just to the left of the now front-facing shield, making for a tight defensive maneuver.

In-case of easy access or a good shot opening up, the spear will be slung at a target, though this will leave them with a much weaker blade. Spear-throwing can only happen in the original Stick War and Stick War: Legacy.

In order to throw the spear, go down and right then attack to throw.

Stick War II: Order Empire

Battle Animations


When a Spearton is killed, the unit collapses briefly, first reaching towards the ground with his hands for leverage before he succumbs to his ill fate and his body hits the ground. The impact sends his helmet rolling off before tumbling to a stop.

The Spearton, as appearing in Stick War II: Order Empire.

Stick War II: Order Empire

Speartons are similar to their original versions. Their eyes and hands are no longer visible, and their neck is just barely visible.



The helmet is now redesigned so that the eyes are no longer visible.


Shield Wall

Shield wall causes the Spearton will take a defensive stance, this can help very well when forming a phalanx.

Stick War 1

In Stick War 1, pressing Q as a user-controlled Spearton activates shield wall. In the Shield wall stance, there is a chance an opponent's ranged attack will be blocked entirely (This chance increases by 10% whenever you upgrade shield, 4 upgrades in total) and the Spearton receives (100% - Block chance) less damage if the attack is melee. Speartons could move in shield wall position. The AI controlled Speartons can also use shield wall.

Stick War II: Order Empire

In Stick War II, manual control of the Speartons is necessary to toggle the shield wall on and off. Speartons can no longer move when in shield wall and they cannot entirely block damage but instead reduce incoming damage by 40%.

Stick War: Legacy

The shield wall functions much the same as in Stick War 1, allowing the Spearton to receive greatly reduced damage while blocking. However, they can now passively block damage even while not in shield wall formation if their shield is upgraded.

AI controlled Speartons now have new animations in shield wall formation, with Speartons in the back raising their shield over their heads and receiving an attack animation where they thrust their spear over the shield of the Spearton in front. These animations are purely cosmetic.

Spear Throw

In Stick War 1 and Stick War: Legacy, the Spearton could throw his spear at enemies as a single-use ranged attack; the Spearton will then pull out a short sword to use in combat. Spears thrown this way can inflict headshots for bonus damage. After the spear is thrown, the Spearton will not be able to use it again until he gets a new spear by being garrisoned.

Stick War 1

Thrown spears deal moderate damage. AI-controlled Speartons will throw their spear at the first available target when given an attack command.

Stick War: Legacy

AI-controlled Speartons no longer throw their spears, except when the Spearton Madness spell is used. The Golden Spearton, and Speartons used by a player with the Spearton avatar in Crown of Inamorta, will gain a new spear shortly after throwing one. The spear throw's damage was greatly increased.

Shield Bash

The Spearton will attack the enemy by bashing his shield into them. In Stick War ll: Order Empire and Stick Empires, Shield Bash causes stun, immobilizing an opponent for a few seconds. It should be noted that this attack can only be used when Speartons are in Shield Wall.

Stick War 1

When pressing Q if you press the spacebar without leaving Q, the Spearton will attack and return to shield wall, momentarily losing its shield wall buff. This acts like any other attack and does not stun.

Stick War II :Order Empire/Stick Empires

When activating shield bash, Speartons will bash their shield into enemies similar to Stick War 1; this time hit units will be stunned, but it costs Mana to use and has a cooldown, plus you have to user control Speartons to cast it; in Stick Empires, there was an update that allowed Speartons to auto-bash.

Spearton Madness

Spearton Madness is a spell in Stick War: Legacy. It costs 60 gems.

Upon activation, Speartons will glow red, AI controlled Speartons can throw their spear and do double damage; user controlled Speartons will not throw their spear immediately, but will receive the damage buff.


Version 2.49 of Stick War: Legacy gave Speartons a headbutt attack animation, which was functionally a normal attack animation. Version 2.77 changed the headbutt into an ability activated by moving the control stick in a quarter-circle forward and pressing block, and will deal the Spearton's regular attack damage to the target while knocking them down.


Uses (Stick War/Stick War: Legacy)

  • Speartons are highly versatile, their speed and health allows you to use them offensively and defensively, and can therefore be used in many strategies.
  • Speartons work well with Archidons (This combination is called the Spearcher)
  • Spear throws can often be used to pick out Archidons, in Stick War: Legacy, It can directly take out a Magikill.
  • In Stick War: Legacy, the Merics work very well with the Speartons, especially when placed in Shield Wall mode
  • Getting 8 Speartons in 2 lines will give you the benefit of having the first row of defending your second row while the second row attacks enemy troops.This formation is called a phalanx.

Countering (Stick War/Stick War: Legacy)

  • The most obvious way to defeat a Spearton is to outnumber him by Swordwrath.
  • Magikill is his biggest weakness as the Magikill will simply cast Blast and stun him and then summon minions to destroy him

    A deadlock of Speartons and Archidons

Uses (Stick War II: Order Empire/ Stick Empires)

  • Due to Speartons getting Shield bash and Archidons able to kite, the Spearcher is even more potent than it was before. Along with this, both move at approximately the same speed, giving mobility and the ability to easily micro the army together.
  • Another combo strategy is a Shield Wall of many Speartons, backed by Archidons and Merics wherein Speartons take in all damage and block units walking past their line, Archers deal the main damage, and Merics provide support for the Speartons under constant fire. This creates a deadlock line of two armies with a wide open space in the middle (and if a unit ventures into firing zone, it will die very quickly). These deadlocks can last super long, as the constant damage and healing on a Shielded side quickly makes the other side lose if they try to back away and stop Shielding themselves. If one army has even the slightest advantage, like an extra Merics or more Archers, this can make it unbalanced, and slowly during the deadlock, the health of one team will fall below. What makes deadlocks so strong is the only way to break them is to retreat or force the opponent to retreat, and retreating will usually cost a lot of units as Merics cannot outpace chasing Archers and Speartons will die quickly under arrow fire when deprived of the shielding damage reduction and healing of Merics. Eventually, all deadlocks are broken, either by a team losing too many units due to all the damage, or a breakthrough attempt, which usually fails because of Shield Bash. Deadlocks don't usually kill many units if both players are equally matched - It just severely weakens them as the healing tends to almost cancel out the arrow fire. One way to break out of a deadlock is to use Poison Spray with a Magikill but this method only works before the Opponent researches Cure and has lots of Merics - afterwards breaking a deadlock forcefully is very hard and it can decide a game. Electric Wall can also work as it can slaughter most (if not all) of the archers, giving you a devastating advantage. However, the Magikill will need to get pretty close to the enemy to use it efficiently. Unless you have a close-range deadlock, you will need to expose your Magikill in order to do the Electric Wall and risk getting your Magikill killed

Countering(Stick war II: Order Empire/Stick Empires)

  • Speartons can still be outnumbered and defeated by Swordwrath, rage can be used to do this much faster
  • A combination of poison spray and electric wall can devastate Spearton masses
  • Scorch can be used to cause massive damage against Speartons.


  • In the unit menu of Stick War II: Order Empire and Stick Empires, Spearton are described as "Defensive unit used to tank damage"
  • At the end of Stick War: Legacy, upon weakening the boss, a lone Spearton (probally Atreyos) darts towards the giant shouting " I will end this, for the Order Empire!" before being picked up by the wounded creature. The user must tap the screen (in real-life, accompanied by the word 'tap' on the screen in front of them) repeatedly, until the Spearton finally shoves his spear into the giant's eye, killing him immediately and dropping the lone Spearton (while falling, the Spearton performs the same animation as units when they are stunned).
  • Speartons are one of the few units that can speak, as shown in Kill the Spartan.
  • In Stick War II: Order Empire, Speartons will yell "Speartons, HOLD!" when blocking.
  • If enough Speartons throw their spear in the original Stick War, the game will lag significantly.
  • If the player looks carefully, they will see that the Spearton holds his shield in both of his hands. As the unit turns, the shield will readjust to face the viewer and block the spear-holding hand from sight. This was likely done to save time on the animator's part.
  • In real life, Speartons are based on the Spartans, who were also elite warriors of the Ancient Greek period.
  • In Stick War II: Order Empire/Stick War III, a ghost version of the Spearton can be summoned upon unlocking and purchasing Tower Spawn 1.
  • In the original Stick War, a non-upgraded Spearton dealt 20% more damage than a non - upgraded Swordwrath. In Stick war 2: order empire and stick empires, the Swordwrath dealt a little bit more damage than a Spearton
  • Speartons have various standing animations in Stick War: Legacy
    • One animation involves the Spearton to throw his shield forward and catch it as it comes back to him
    • Another animation involves the Spearton to do push ups (it shares this with the Swordwrath)
    • Another animation involves the Spearton to bang his shield to his spear.
  • During a recent update, Speartons had a new "headbutt attack" in Stick War: Legacy, this attack not only caused bonus damage but also stunned the hit unit
    • To attack by headbutt when user controlling, move the joystick on a quarter circle the same way you throw the spear and click the block button (don't click attack as that will throw the spear)
    • The stunning animation is also different when caused by a headbutt
    • In Stick War: Legacy the Spearton textures were changed

      spearton in stick war legacy