Stick War

Spearton was one of the countries to continually attack the Order Empire, seeing their vulnerability. However, the Order then went on a revenge conquest, in which Spearton was it's third planned stop.

Attack the Spearton

Order miners reached Spearton after the conquering of Swordwrath, in which battle initiated. Although the Spearton of their nation were powerful, the Order eventually got the upper hand and destroyed their statue. The Spearton were forced to flee their homeland, and similar to the Archidonis and Swordwrath, ran for the hills.

Free Westwind

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Once again, however, some members of the nation pull through, deciding to form a coalition with the failing Archidonis. The new-formed coalition then takes over the neutral land of Westwind. Through the conquest of the Order, their ranks stop to free the citizens of Westwind, eliminating the coalition between the two countries.

Last Stand

Small fragments of what was left from the Spearton country team up with all other countries to destroy the Order in the final battle. However, these fragments fail their duty as well, falling to the Order Empire for the last time.


Speartons are the country's army force. They are robust, high-health infantry warriors, used as tanks or meat-shields to protect vulnerable ally units, such as Archidons.

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