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Stick Empires was the fourth entry in the Stick War series. It added a multiplayer aspect to the base Stick War II: Order Empire formula.

In the game, two chosen empires out of the available three were thrown into an all-out multiplayer battle. One of them was a new empire introduced in the end credits of Stick War II: Order Empire and polished solely for this game.

Unlike the other entries that revolve around a central story, Stick Empires was played round-by-round against real players and lacked concrete story elements.


  • Play for free in seconds with any web browser using Flash player with no downloads or annoying installs.
  • 3 Empires: Order Empire, Chaos Empire and Elemental Empire with 9 unit types in each.
  • 54 Abilities and Technologies to unlock in game.
  • Full in game Chat system with ability to match up against your friends.
  • Hundreds of fully animated sprites and amazing digitally painted art throughout creating truly epic battles.
  • Massive armory with ability to customize each of your units.
  • Classic match and Death match modes vs other players.
  • Custom, Campaign, and Practice mode for offline play .
  • Watch live or past replays in the Live Replays theater.


  • The fourth installment in the Stick War series. It is canonically third as Kill the Spartan is a parody.
  • Since January 12, 2021, Stick Empires has become unplayable due to the death of Flash Player in accordance with Adobe. As of December 17, 2021, third-party Flash Players do not work. This is due to the fact that they only support Actionscript 1 and 2 while Stick Empires uses Actionscript 3, causing it to be unable to load.