Stick War II: Order Empire is an entry in the Stick War series. It is the third (though canonically second) game in the franchise, refining and building upon it's predecessor.

This game depicts the successful Order and their march through Inamorta, ruling out the rebel empires that continue to disobey their nation. However, in the quest, a wicked woman and her empire rise to challenge the Order Empire, and the nation of knowledge and peace will be forced to unite with his enemies to survive.

Difficulties Edit

The game offers three different difficulties for playing, these are:

- Normal: Base difficulty.

- Hard: Intensified difficulty.

- Insane: Extremely difficult, this time available on any website provider, similar to all the other difficulties.

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Narration Edit

Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro Stickpage

Stick War 2 - Order Empire Intro

Official trailer for Stick War II: Order Empire, also doubling as the introduction to the game.


  • "You have finished Stick War II on NORMAL!

Tutorial                                         03:32 Blot out the sun: Archidons Declare War          00:52 Silent Assassins: Ninjas Declare War             00:58 Magic in the Air: Wizards and monks Declare War  00:34 Rebels United                                    01:29 Massive Battle                                   01:26 Explosive War: Bombers Attack                    01:06 The Night is Dark: Juggerknights Attack          00:43 Undead War: Deadly Deads Attack                  00:39  4 legged Fury: Crawlers Attack                  00:39 Shadow of the moon: Eclipsors Attack.            00:59 Bone Pile: Marrowkai summon war                  01:29 Medusa's Gates: The Chaos Capital is in sight.   01:19 Medusa and the Full Chaos Empire: Final battle   01:46

Total time (including retries): 17:31 Best time: 17:31" For reference